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If you are having computer trouble, where do you get help?

Asked by shaunabe (95points) April 26th, 2009

who do you ask for help?
where do you start looking for answers?
are you more likely to be giving answers or asking for them?

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I start within the program that is giving me trouble—in the Preferences and Help files;
Then I’ll go to the manual (if one is available in hardcopy or online) and then to the manufacturer’s website;
If I have no luck with that, I’ll try an internet search engine to see if I can find an online forum or something that references that problem;
last ditch is to pose such a question (only after I’ve looked to see that it hasn’t already been answered) on a forum specific to that product, or eventually on a general forum, such as Fluther.

I’m not very knowledgeable about computers, but I am good at finding resources as outlined above; so when someone does ask a question specific to a particular product in a general forum like this, I will typically direct them to a forum related (after finding it via a web search) to the issue they have, so they improve their odds of encountering someone who can answer their question.

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Heh, you reminded me of this.

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I’m more the giver of answers in my group, but if I don’t know something, I do as hearkat does.

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in my family’s case….me, even if it’s not even computer related, i mean, just because i fix computers, doesn’t mean i’m good with household appliances etc.

usually i myself google, then try forums or just PM Johnpowell

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I look to the forums at Arstechnica for help if I need it.

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Google it.
There’s always someone that has had the same problem as you in any given situation.

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@bob_ that feels like a southpark episode – just needs a few more lines

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The last time I had computer trouble, when my system actually crashed and couldn’t be fixed by me, I called Dell Technical Support. This was at 2 a.m. so guess what happened then? Yes, I was routed to India were Dell outsources their support and I spent an hour and a half on the phone with a woman I could hardly understand. 90 minutes and 140 dollars later, my computer was fixed and I could finally understand a heavy Indian accent.

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@Bluefreedom Diversity is good. Use as chant next time you call with computer problems at 2 a.m.

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if you have a pc just throw it in the trash and it will save you a TON of headaches. then go to the apple store and get something that works. and most of their tech support is free. plus the nerds that work there love to help you.

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youtube is another good source of answers… nerds love to talk about nerdy stuff. and i know this because i am a nerd

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I am one of those people that everyone goes to regarding their computer problems.

Whenever I have computer problems I go to Google. If that fails I ask around online, then ask my computer friends.

I never go the programs “help” section, mainly because I find those to be confusing and they probably don’t answer my question.

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the forums on Apple are usually brimming with good suggestions from other users, i tend to go there.

I’m the resident geek amongst some friends and i’m always happy to give advice

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I was having problems a couple weeks ago that I couldn’t open pictures in my email any more. I Googled it & found a whole list of links. It turns out that it was OE8 causing the problems. There’s bugs in it & other people were having the same issue. I deleted it, went back to OE7 & all’s well again. So I’ll go to Google first.

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Myself and everyone i know comes to me for help .

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I ask my little brother. He is a computer Genius. But before I do I usually Google the problem or ask an online question to try and solve it myself. I know lots of family “bother” my brother with their computer issues so I would prefer not to unless I really need the help.

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@bob_ even better :)

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So to summarize. I should buy a Mac.
If I still have problems (maybe fewer) I should google it.
Or it sounds like I should just post the issue on Fluther…
Thanks everyone.

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