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Why on earth does my iPod classic take so long to sync?

Asked by Pcrecords (1436points) April 26th, 2009

its one of the new 120GB ones and it takes FOREVER to sync in iTunes, while its conected it also slows down all of iTunes functions. it doesn’t occur to my other iPods (an iPhone, a Shuffle, a Nano) huh? any help? i’m running it on an imac G5 (pre intel) and it works fine as my desktop for most other things but since i’ve upgraded to a new macbook i mainly run it to store my music and photos and to email and surf from. its been fine for years, especially with iPods

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Just a guess, but I’d bet it has something to do with it’s massive size.

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Well not really. My 60gb was super fast and it’s not as though it’s replacing everything everytime. Just maybe adding a few tracks taking play information from the iPod. My use hasn’t really gone up so that info shouldn’t tax anything too much.

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