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Where can I sell my Air Jordans of 1985 other than eBay?

Asked by kaledia (30points) April 26th, 2009

eBay really sucks, doesn’t allow me to post or review my listing within 30 days. Not that I’m selling fake or bootleg stuffs from China. argh, I need help.

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Someone on Fluther, their name escapes me now, buys an sells vintage shoes. I’ll try to find the thread where it was mentioned or they see this. Hopefully, they can help.

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That’s Peedub. He buys and sells vintage clothes on Ebay. He’d probably have some good advice.

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I buy and sell vintage sneakers on ebay. PM me about them. Perhaps I can help you out [I might take them off your hands].

Have you tried emailing someone from ebay to ask permission to list them? I remember when I first started selling, I had the same problem with brands like Chanel or Cristian Dior. Sometimes they make one time exceptions. One basically has to earn the right to sell certain items/brands. It’s kinda lame but there are a lot of fake Jordans out there.

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@figbash: Good memory. Thanks. :)

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Thanks guys, just dropped a message for you Peedub.

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Does Craig’s List have similar policies to eBay? Have you tried there?

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Tried, did a research…not much takers. Infact, it’s 0.

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Amazon, Craigslist.

If i ever want to sell something i google ”<My Location> Classifieds” then just post on any free site around.

I know Orlando has a bunch when i type that in.

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