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What is your favorite iPhone/iPod application?

Asked by J0E (13136points) April 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I just bought a iPod Touch and I am looking for some good apps, any suggestions?

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That’s the free app the identifies music just by holding your device up to a speaker.

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@The_Compassionate_Heart; that won’t work for the iPod.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic- Shazam is great, but doesn’t work on the touch, only the iphone. It needs to have a microphone, and the ipod doesn’t.

Do you like silly aps or useful ones?
I love silly aps, and ichalky is my favorite at the moment. It’s silly and totally useless.Works a little better on the iphone though.

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I like apps that are usefull, but funny ones are cool too.

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@J0E the 2nd generation touch’s are mic accessible, I believe they are set to work with the headphones, check it out. It’s useful for more than just Shazam such as skype and whatever other video/voice things you want to do.

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@J0E , @Likeradar I did not know that. My iPhone has spoiled me.

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AP Mobile News

I like practical apps. I get bored with silly apps pretty fast, but I really like Free Drum Pad and MiniPiano.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Yeah, it’s sad but true. The ipod doesn’t have a camera either.

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AppSniper It let’s you know what’s on sale, what’s popular, etc. Very cool.

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Zombieville USA, Bejeweled, and Everest.

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YouVision Bible
Weather Channel App
ShoutCast Radio

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@elijah: My wife is addicted to Bejeweled on her iPhone.

@seVen: the Weather Channel Ap is great too.

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@cprevite and @elijah I’m addicted too… it’s pretty sad, I have to delete it when school is in session!

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Flight control.

Given the amount of time I spend in airports, crashing planes is something really funny to do before taking a flight.

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Evernote, Reqall, Twitterfon & the list goes on.


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Pandora is great. Sometimes I use it to stream music at the beach.
iEmoji is fun when texting with other iphone users.
Showtimes is a must have.
Urban Spoon is great if you need to find new places to eat.
Craigsphone is a new fav of mine. Craigslist in the iphone.
Facebook has a great UI.

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Bank of America
HotSchedules for work
Tumblr mobile blogging rocks
DoodleJump so addicting
Diner Dash
feX syncs Facebook photos and bdays with your contacts
Eventful for concerts
Around Me for traveling
reMovem mindless entertainment
eBay and Amazon for obvious reasons

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Google and Pandora. It’s sad how much better the voice recognition is on my Iphone than in my car. Feh…. ford focus blows…

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Tap tap revenge 2
yahoo music
vanilla surf
cray snowboarder
baseball 2009

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iTrans NYC, if you live in NYC.
ragdoll blaster

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