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What inspired the fluther creators to include the greetings?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) April 26th, 2009

And do we have an agreed-up name for them?

You know: the little greetings, mostly compliments, right under our screenames such as “Your hair looks really good today!” and “Here comes your boss! Look busy!”

There have been a lot of questions about them in the past, and I think a lot of flutherers like them a lot (I know I do). They’re pretty unique, on the internet.

Anyone know who dreamed them up and if there’s a story behind them?

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Pure silliness.

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Fluther creators wanted to be friendly and cordial? They thrive on praising the very individuals that help make their website such a success story? Pure silliness? (Whoops, that’s been mentioned. Sorry @asmonet) :P

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You know, everyone in life goes around with an invisible sticker on their backs, which goes something like “Love me, Notice me” . Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. And when you see the greetings, subconsciously, it does work!!

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I absolutely love those! They’re one of the reasons I stuck around and looked further into the collective, I wanted to see how many super great things they had to say to me :D
That and the, “add yourself to your fluther”, that’s priceless.

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haha! i laughed really hard when i tried to add myself.

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I recall reading an old thread, where users gave suggestions and some of those suggestions were put to use.

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@Nimis / @casheroo:

Yeah, but that isn’t how they were created in the first place.

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@asmonet Good point. They were already in place before the greeting contest thread.
I think it just goes well with the branding/identity they were looking to create for the site?

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@Nimis: Maybe, too bad andrew isn’t here to answer, or ben. They’re off acting like children elsewhere. ;)

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To the best of my memory, we had a playful greeting on the original site, then I played some You Don’t Know Jack and was inspired by Jellyvision, so we created a few random ones to keep it interesting. When we redesigned the site, we moved it over to the dashboard.

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@andrew Is it too soon to have a History Of Fluther: A Retrospective of The Collective? I’d be curious to see how the site looked/felt in ye olden days.

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@phoenyx wow. that’s very….cold.

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@phoenyx Here’s a better look as well.

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And here‘s a shot with the greetings. Looks like it took us a few months to put them in.

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@phoenyx and @andrew
Interesting! Thanks!
It’s like I’m in a Fluther time machine!

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