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To What Extent Do You Think The American Idol Judges' Comments Influence America's Votes?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) April 26th, 2009

It seems that almost all of the time, America votes as if they are obeying the judges. I think they are trying to sway the public to vote Adam Lambert all the way through (which I hope they do). Do you think they influence voters a great deal, or do the majority of AI viewers just have great music sense as well and happen to vote along the same lines as the judges?

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I think the judges sometimes point out things that viewers were too caught up in the moment to miss. And that may sway them a bit. But not enough that I think they have any real effect.

Meh, I haven’t watched that show in years though.

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It seems that the votes correspond to the whole judge:contestant interaction. I think they do influence viewers to some extent, but there are still those who have their favorites no matter what. GO ADAM!!! Can I just say for a minute that I am IN LOVE with Adam? I’m pretty sure he was sent from divinity to pleasure our auditory nerves (and eyeballs) with pure sex in a voice box. I want to have orgasms with him. Don’t tell my husband.

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that’s still on the air? wow.

i think the whole thing is ridiculous.

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@eponymoushipster : Singing competitions are ridiculous? How so, sir?

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@ubersiren not the concept. the hype surrounding that show is ridiculous, in part because nothing ever comes of it. the “winner” gets a record deal, and with the exception of a few, fades out in about 2 weeks.

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Gotcha. It is way hyped. But I don’t think any less comes of it than any other competition. Michael Phelps Olympic competition was a pretty big deal, and we don’t hear about anymore unless he’s getting arrested.

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@ubersiren i don’t like michael phelps either. heh.

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