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Random, but favorite instrumental piece?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 26th, 2009

What’s your favorite instrumental piece in a song? The outro part of Layla (piano piece) always makes me all sorts of happy.

way beyond tipsy at the moment :)

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Any piece of a song where there is some great Saxophone work being done. I love the sound of that instrument.

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I rather like Bird’s Lament by Moondog. the blind viking bum musical genius of 6th avenue

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Lahaina Luna by Dan Fogelberg. It’s awesome!

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Lux Aeterna: string quartet.

Originally from Requiem for a Dream, but has been used in the LOTR: The Two Towers, as a movie soundtrack. Though not actually used in these movies, this song was used in the trailers for: 24: Redemption, Babylon A.D., I Am Legend, 300, The Da Vinci Code, and a few others…one of the Final Fantasy movies? It’s kiiiiinda done to death, but understandably, since it’s a beautiful and dramatic song.

Electric guitar version VERY GOOD!
GMS Juice Remix : Those of you into goa trance would like this version of the track. :) If you don’t have the patience for the long buildup of this song, FFW to 2:36 and listen to the digitalized version of the melody.

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Jack White’s solo: in Blue Veins. It’s about 2 minutes into the song.

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the cello solo? in crouching tiger hidden dragon during the desert scene.
and french horn? solo in one of the stars wars movies.
and the indiana jones soundtrack, for some reason, always makes me really happy.

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Rhapsody in Blue

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“Cecila Ann” by the Pixies. Gets me SO pumped up for the day!

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