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Do your ears ever pop when you swallow?

Asked by lefteh (9401points) April 26th, 2009

I’m currently in the midst of a bit of a freak-out.
Whenever I swallow or yawn, I hear a crackling or popping sound in my ears – mostly my right one. It is happening every time I swallow. This has been happening for a few weeks. Also, on three or four occasions in the past month, I have found blood in my boogers after blowing my nose. Have you ever had any of these symptoms? Anybody know what’s up?

P.S. I am planning on scheduling a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

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This happened to me after I got my wisdom teeth out. Have you had any tooth extractions?

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Yes they do

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Yes they do. I have had most of the symptoms you describe and it turned out that I had a sinus infection.

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I always feel a slight popping sound in my ear when I swallow or yawn. It’s been happening my entire life. I just thought it was normal…now you’re telling me it’s not? My life has just been turned upside-down, thank you very much.

But I’m assuming that the crackling/popping you’re hearing is louder or longer-lasting than what I hear. Right?

I’m freaking out here… :(

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@Dansedescygnes lol, don’t freak out. If anything is wrong, it’s minor.

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I didn’t know people swallowed silently. There’s always a small noise in my ear when I swallow; that’s just the way it is…lol

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@Dansedescygnes Same with me. Maybe everyone else is abnormal :P

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Okay, I’m feeling more and more okay. That’s how I feel, Dansedescygnes. There’s a sound when I swallow, and that’s just the way it is. We’ll see what the doc says, I guess.

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I hear a popping sound every time I swallow, too. I always assumed it had something to do with the cyst I have that takes up the entire left side of my sinuses, since pretty much everything in your face/head is connected and opens up into everything else. But maybe it’s just normal… It’d be nice not to be a medical abnormality for a change!

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Uh, bloody boogers is probably due to dry air, nothing more. Unless you’re sneezing out great big bloody chunkage there’s nothing to worry about. As for the click/pop/crack in your ears I’ve had it since before I can remember. I’m more likely to notice it not happening (a very rare occasion) than happening.

I can do it on demand too, if I move my throat like the very first motion of a yawn, I can make the sound in my head even just on one side if I want over, and over, and over…

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Its not anything abnormal, its a way to equalize the pressure in your head. When you go scuba diving if you don’t clear the pressure your ears will bleed (or worse)

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you’ve got these holes in your throat which connect to your ear canal. I think that when you swallow, they open up and allow pressure to equalize.

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@LocoLuke: You’re referring to Eustachian Tubes.

Lefteh, you might wanna click that. :)

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Yeah, I know what is causing the popping, I just didn’t know if it was normal for it to happen so incredibly often.

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