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How the hell can the Blue Jays suck so bad last season and then play so good this season?

Asked by TjHare (109points) April 26th, 2009

I considered the Blue Jays to be a classic Toronto team, playing for Tv contracts and not for championships. When they made all those moves last year (including Barret-zeto) I thought they were just trying to regain fanbase (like the oilers in hockey), but this year they just seem unbeatable so far, except Rios seems to be the only Blue Jay not exceeding expectations….. Is this just a good start or a dud? and do you think they have what it takes?

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In my experience, it seems like teams who are trying to get a new stadium suddenly become winning teams, so maybe that’s it.

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Perhaps suckiness, like the economy, follows cycles.

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The Jays have been underachievers for years now. It seems that their offense is finally starting to come up to par with their pitching. The East is tough though, they’ll come back to reality at bit soon but I expect them to be there near the end, my guess vying for the wild card.

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Their success doesn’t seem totally flukey, but their lack of starting pitching depth will bite them, especially in the East. And no way the Rays stay in last for long. I’d expect 85–88 wins – maybe 5–10 games out of the wildcard.

I love the baseball questions!

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@Trustinglife yeah I agree they arent as deep pitching this year, but atleast so far they’re winning those close games instead of losing them late in the game… I also hope the Blue Jays knock around Burnette when they see him.

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Me too – I never liked him. I wonder if the Jays are even better with Downs as closer, now that Ryan is out. I would not be surprised if Downs keeps the job when Ryan comes back. But I wonder if the Jays can really do it for the long haul with Purcey, Romero, Tallet, Burress…? Really? In the AL East? For a full season?

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@Trustinglife I know! What a weak lineup statistically for the blue Jays in relief compared to what the redsox got. In the last 10 they are 6 and 4. The bo sox are already caught up. I remember once my unce gave me a baseball analogy/reasoning: Two teams play two games, both games are played in the exact same setting (temperature, park, crowd, atmosphere,pace) and the score will rarely be the same; one game it’s 12–2 for home and the next game it’s 5–0 for the guest. Baseball can seem so bloody random sometimes. It’s like a shot in the dark it seems, just look at the stacked Yankee doodles

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Don’t worry. The season is early. They will suck again soon.

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I’m starting to believe they’re legit. I don’t know about playoffs or anything, but going 20–10 is starting to look less like a fluke. I’ll watch their upcoming games with Boston, NY, and TB with interest.

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