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Is fluthers better than Yahoo answers and the others?

Asked by skorned (97points) April 27th, 2009

There are many other similar question-answer sites. Is fluthers better, and why? Worth joining?

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Dear God, YES.

Run around here, explore. It’s fairly obvious.

You’ll find no retardation here.

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Like I said, we’re better.

So. Much. Better.

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I’d recommend Fluther over all of the other similar types of Q&A websites without a second thought. I originally came from a place called Askville and the difference between here and there is like night and day with Fluther being the very best. Spend a week with us and I’ll be willing to bet that you want to stay for a while or maybe even permanently. And welcome to Fluther!

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@asmonet omfg that bee one is killing me. that deserves capital LOL

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@Bluefreedom what is the difference, exactly?

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@bianlink. Excellent moderation, clear and concise guidelines, a good user interface, very intelligent and friendly members, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere all the time, a chat room to go along with the main Q&A forum, the simple but appealing lurve system, a sense of belonging, learning potential from responses offered here, and quality entertainment that costs you absolutely nothing. Welcome to Fluther to you also. =)

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Blue just made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

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HAHAHAHAA asmonet, awesome answers…yes I have seen the babby one, gonna enjoy the rest in a minute, and yes, I know yahoo answers can be pretty retarded at times…the overall intellectual level of members here does seem higher from my brief time here. Also, the absence of a point system reduces the number of shitty answers people give just to get points, but on the other hand, might reduce the incentives for people to help out, especially when the question warranties a long answer, and this also splits the system wide open for abuse, since people can ask as many questions as they want, without needing to answer others…

And yes bluefreedom, I seem to agree on a lot of the points you’ve made….I love the user interface here, atleast a hundred times better than crappy yahoo, which also refuses to work properly on google chrome, forcing me to open up horridly slow firefox.

I still gotta understand the ‘lurve system’ here, and check out the chatroom. and i like the speed with which one gets responses here, and gets automatically alerted, while also getting channeled to questions and discussions he may be interested in.

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Well, we do have a ‘point system’, but the points are useless. They simply are an indicator of how well you’ve helped or improved the site. It is not necessarily an indicator of how prolific you are. There are limits that balance out how much you can earn from another user, on a particular question, all sorts of things. Lurve is more like a mini token of appreciation. Completely unlike the point ‘currency’ most sites seem to have. Your lurve is entirely dependent on your contributions content, not it’s very existence. It’s a superior system in my opinion.

I would read the guidelines, you seem to have a decent grasp of how to start out, but it wouldn’t hurt. The lurve system is explained in more detail there. And if you don’t get lurve after that do a search for ‘lurve’, ‘lurve system’ and ‘lurve points’. The topic has been beaten to death, no need to start a new thread to gather the information. :)

Please play nice and stay awhile. :)

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@asmonet, Actually, we do have some retardation here, but it’s the fun kind.

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Nice. ;)

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i think we all know the real question here. it’s why does @asmonet have a picture of a costume that should be a picture of my son in THAT costume, as her avatar? hmmm?!

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu (wow thats a mouthful)
same @casheroo…lol…seems like u do have a buncha retards too…but a very small bunch at that
and asmonet is a chick? cool, dint sound like a chick’s nick, but then again, doesn’t sound like a guy either. and btw, is asmonet like some famous composer or something? coz i have a feeling i’ve heard the name before, but everytime i read it, it just reminds me of ass, and feels like i’m insulting her :S

and yes, i’m beginning to understand the lurve system, and i lurve it already….I already feel much more encouraged to contribute positively to this than to yahoo answers!
although I must say, I AM surprised at the absolute lack of trolls and morons here as is rampant everywhere else on the interweb. Is brilliant moderation the cause, or is fluther just incredibly lucky to have got the cream of the internet crowd? If its the latter, I have a bad feeling this service relies too heavily on the niceness of people, and will disintegrate once the crowds start pouring in as this becomes more popular.

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@skorned: She’s as talented “as Monet”.
And yes, it is the brilliant moderation which keeps the trolls at bay.
Welcome to Fluther.

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Askville was pretty good when I first joined over two years ago. However it gradually turned into high school, so I “graduated” myself to fluther. The moderation here is pretty good, although sometimes a lot of times they are a little too tough on questions designed for whimsy and amusement. I guess that’s the price you pay for seriousness in other areas.

Anyway, as a result of the moderation, fluther encourages a more supportive atmosphere. They can also be tolerant when people they know go off on… ventures beyond the realm of appropriateness. They know they’ll come back to the mainstream. Anyway, we try to phrase our comments without attacking people, and without insulting their intelligence. This includes trying to avoid displaying unjustified prejudices, as well.

So welcome!

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@asmonet as a vampire, I’m soooo offended that you listed that Twilight question. Now, what diapers am I supposed to use?

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@asmonet, don’t you mean you’ll find less retardation here? not naming names.

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Fluther is also kind of like a family. We ave a few kooks, a few dirty old men and a lot of different opinions. It all works because we stay respectful (or the mama moderators smack us, if another flutherer doesn’t put you in your place first.)
It’s OK to have differing opinions, it’s just not OK to be abusive. Welcome to fluther!!

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@skorned, We’ve gone through cycles of large amounts of people coming over here at once, whether due to the announcement in the NYTimes, a migration from Askville, a more recent migration from, etc. We have our trolls, like every other site, but our mods work their butts off to keep everything under control, and work double time when large amounts of users come at once.
Oh, and the reason we’ve got the cream of the internet crowd is because we’re the cream of the internet :)

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@Bluefreedom said it best.

In fact, I could hear battle hym of the republic welling up as I read it.

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Well, it depends on what you want from a site like this. Y!A has more users and moves quicker. If you’re looking for a quick answer to an important question then you may want to check out Yahoo Answers. But Fluther is more personal and lower-key and is more likely to get in depth discussion because of the fact that it doesn’t move so quickly nor do questions expire like they do on Y!A.

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