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Is the Borat movie going to come out in Turkey? When?

Asked by mdlukas (37points) December 1st, 2006
I hope so. And soon.
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truth be told, I've heard that it's just not that good.. that it's borderline ridiculous, without the satire that people expected. - again, this is all hearsay, of course, since I haven't seen the movie myself.
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It is disgusting, gross, scatalogical, anti- Jew, black, Christian, Pentacostals, Pamela Anderson, frat boys, gays, feminists, bears, cockroaches, and used-car salesmen..
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However....I laughed so much that I was in the aisle more than my seat ( and I won't tell you how old I am because I am embarrassed).See for yrslf and judge.
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Technically, it's come out today(dec. 1st)in turkey
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actually, while there were some parts that were WAY over the top, i kinda enjoyed watching fools make fools of themselves.
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You were all totally right. AriellaCG, where did you find the info for when it came out?
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all thing is crazy

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