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Have any females here had PCOS?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (8432points) December 9th, 2007

I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with it, and no one knows too much about it, so I thought maybe I could get some answers here.
How was your experience with it? Has it changed anything about you? How did you treat it?

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What is PCOS?

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Polycystic Ovarie Syndrome

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A friend of mine has it. She was put on the pill and some diabetic meds to help control her hormonal levels. Best solution for her was to loose weight (as its one of the probs women with PCOS have). There are loads of support groups for this…and I’ve even worked with women who had PCOS and now show no signs…so there is a “cure” to speak. Don’t worry…its more common than you think…and there are ways to manage it.

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This answer might help. It was written by an obstetrician-gynecologist (who I know) in the Philippines, in response to an emailed question from a patient about parovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries. Since I’m not a doctor myself, I can’t quote her words and pretend they’re mine. Full disclosure: I help manage the website to which this link goes. But I also think it’s a real match to your question… and it was written by a professional.

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