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Why would anyone purchase a sheep head at a grocery store?

Asked by suzyq2463 (2224points) April 27th, 2009

The grocery store across the street from where I work sells sheep heads in their meat bin. What would anyone do with a sheep head? Is it used for menudo or for anything humans might consume? Disgusting.

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Id watch more Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern, some countries consider that normal eatings.

Maybe its the neighborhood you live in and the cultures its catering to.

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I suppose to eat it. Unless they have some sort of bizarre sexual fetish involving the head of a sheep, I’d assume it was for the culinary experience. What you find disgusting, other people find tasty. Some folks eat the testicles of boars, and many people think that is disgusting, but they are darn tasty, cooked up right. It’s all a matter of..ahem, taste, I suppose.

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My wife’s uncle would cook it and eat the brain and eyeballs.

Every Easter we would get a lamb at the butcher and he had the head.

It’s an old small-town Italian thing. Nothing goes to waste.

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This might explain

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I think there is also a traditional Mexican stew which uses a sheep head. They sell them in my neighborhood in Chicago during Easter.

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Only if it came with complimentary diarrhea soup

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In bosinian culture that is a delicacy. Several bosinians I work with eat this on special occasions.

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Sheep head stew, to start with. I doubt I’d eat the brains or other offal unless I knew the head was super fresh.

It’s far from disgusting! It’s just another form of meat. Before the time of now, the time of plenty of food (and edible food like products), people used every bit of animal they could, because that’s all they had. Organs and other animal bits are actually very nutritious for you to eat. They’re just unpopular and not really a part of the mainstream North American food culture anymore.

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Where we live in Texas folks are more interested in cow heads, because that is what Barbacoa is made from. When I lived in Florida it was pig heads, because people there liked to make their own headcheese.

This is a recipe from Britain.

Apparently, sheep head is popular in Iceland, too. Here is a recipe for singed sheep heads and sheep’s head jam.

Then there is also this , which is exceedingly simple and requires little to no preparation.

Basically, any culture where folks don’t want to waste protein will eat every part of an animal, including heads, feet, tails and genitalia. Our problem these days in some countries is that we are too well off. If you have plenty of food you can afford to get picky.

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My husband says…
you take all the muscle off the head, and you take the brain, glands, tongue (he thinks) you put it inside the muscles, you put a cloth around it. You then simmer it in stock for a while, then you take it out and slice it like bologne or whatever.
This one is for calf’s head so whatever the word for sheep, would be there instead.

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I’m starting to get hungry.

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Menudo is tripe not sheep head.

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Oh, God. I can’t even eat regular old lamb, let alone a sheep’s head.

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