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Is there anyone out there that is not a "working psychic" but believes they have psychic abilities?

Asked by joybells34 (359points) April 27th, 2009

I have no psychic abilities at all. Sometimes I think about a person then happen to run into them within a matter of days but thats it. Psychics facinate me even though I have never been to one.

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Does this count? When my cleaning couple arrive with their vacuum cleaner, I know beforehand that Milo will hide in the center of the bed under the down comforter

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@gailcalled I don’t know if that counts or not but it was funny!!!

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I wouldn’t call it psychic abilities, but I’ve intuited a few things that turned out to come to pass. It’s just being in a situation and having a fleeting word-based thought pop into my head as though I was remembering a fact. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I know it for what it is.

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i say all so called “psychics” are manipulative frauds.
it is not hard to find out how humans tick, what they usually think, feel, how they usually react in certain situations and how the environment affects these decisions and thoughts. Once you kow all that, it becomes relatively simple to predict what a person you are talking to is going to think, say or do and to even manipulate the person into doing what you want him to do.

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…i think it is pretty normal…i believe everybody possesses the potential…

…if i recall correctly, it is written that nostrodamus, although it could be said he was a prophet of sorts, held himself humbly out of comparison to biblical prophets…

…i’ve done personal dream research in regards to transcending or transmigrating time and space…no psychic stuff…

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@ragingloli Really, they just understand the idea that humans remember the hits and tend to forget the misses (some even fall for it themselves and believe they are true psychics).

When we think about things and something happens that relates to those thoughts, we see this as a connection; it’s simply human nature to induce things. However, what about all the things we’ve thought about that don’t correlate to future happenings? The number of things we get wrong [i]by far[/i] outweigh the number of things we get right. We just tend to remember the ones we get right because they seem connected.

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I have a little bit of something, though I’m not sure what to call it. I can answer my best friend’s questions before she is done asking them. To the point that she’s called me from a restaurant more than once to ask “Who sings that song…” or “What’s the name of that movie… ” and I’ll answer right there, with no additional details. In one case, I’d never even seen the film she was asking about, but knew the answer anyway! Very occasionally, I can ‘link up’ with someone else in this same manner, but not often.

I’ve also had a few instances of knowing who was on the phone (before caller id), and why… even if it was someone I hadn’t heard from in years. I knew things about my husband when we first started dating, before he told me about them. It kind of freaked him out. :)

In any event, I don’t seem to have any control over when or with whom this kind of thing happens, so I don’t take it very seriously.

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I don’t know if I would call it “psychic”, but I’ve had a few pretty weird things happen to me. The night before my grandma died, I knew it was going to happen. I had been sitting around with my sister when out of nowhere this extremely weird pressure (for lack of a better term) built up and I said, “Christie… I feel really weird. Something is going to happen.” She wrote me off as being tired, but it kept getting stronger. I started to get really anxious and I said, “Something bad is going to happen! It feels so strange. Someone we know is going to die.” Sure enough, the very next morning my dad delivered the news that my grandma had died in the early hours of the morning.

Then there were the couple of times that I dreamed about stranger’s dead relatives. Each time, I knew nothing about the living relatives and both of their dead relatives were asking me to deliver messages. I’d like to see anyone try to explain that…

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@augustlan In the case of very close friends this is quite normal. The reason is that you share a great deal of the same information in your brains. When you share a great deal of personality and experiences with someone, you begin to think similarly and can often times anticipate words, questions, and other spontaneous bits.

In my case, I have a mental block when it comes to words. I often have a lot of trouble trying to spit out a word on the tip of my tongue. My girlfriend who I’ve been with for 5 years can immediately fill in the missing word before I even finish. She’s had so much experience with me that she knows my personality and can surmise very accurately what I’m thinking almost all the time. I can do the same for her. I often finish her sentences. She has a habit of trailing off and I always know exactly what she’s saying.

You’ll notice these things often happen with close friends or relatives. It has nothing to do with brain waves or psychic abilities, simply that your minds have been impressed upon each others. The more intimately you know someone, the more you share the same information.

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depends on what abilities you mean

I have the ability to bend reality around me, but as anyone who’s ever done magic will tell you, magic is nothing more than re-arranging the universal balance of things. You cannot turn thin air into gold, but you can exchange one life for another. I know it sounds scary, but it happens all the time. Every time you go to work and give a little bit of your life in exchange for some money. And every time you break someone’s heart and have an accident the next day.

I have only once had a seriously metaphysical experience, a dream that predicted the future precisely. But I can often make estimated guesses based on current evidence (eg I knew at the beginning of 2001 that there’d be a war in Afghanistan soon, I just didn’t know what they’d use as an excuse for it).

My prediction for you joybells is that you’ll have a very happy summer :)

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Everyone has some “psychic abilities” to some degree.
I think it’s a part of a sense that humans have, as well as animals (maybe).

I always wondered why my dog gets all restless hours before a horrible thunderstorm, even when the skies are clear…

But yes, I do have some “abilities” but that’s nothing special because I think everyone does a little bit. :)

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@Jack79 Thank you my sweet Jack79 :)

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@seekingwolf Dogs are much more perceptive when it comes to barometric pressure and ozone levels. Both of these can be sensed by humans, but it is much harder. Instinct causes dogs to become restless in such events. We might have similar reactions if we were more perceptive.

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I had a really bad nightmare once about my sister being attacked by a tiger and I couldn’t defend her. It was so vivid I woke up and nearly phoned her, but dismissed it as silly. I found out the next morning she was being raped at the same time I was having the nightmare, I still feel extremely guilty about it and now make sure that if I have that sort of feeling again I act on it.

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@sakura Oh my goodness. That is horrible!!

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Was horrid and the thoughts are still there, sister has probably coped better with situation than me, cause I am still feeling guilty. But it has taught me to listen to my feelings more and be ever more concious if I feel something bad is going to happen. I have had nicer dreams since where I good things have happened and fucosing on them help too!

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Yes, I believe that I often “know” things without any prior contact or reason. Like @aprilsimnel it seems just like a memory of something that you have no basis to remember.

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Oh I didn’t know that it was because that dogs could sense pressure change so well >< Well I feel a little dumb hehe. But that’s really interesting! Thanks for telling me!

I still think that animals may have the same psychic capabilities (to some degree) that humans have. I have no idea if or how much they tap into it…I guess that’s something we’ll never know. There’s so much about the brain that’s unknown.

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I have ESP with one of my friends, but that could just be because we’re really close. We can honestly communicate without speaking in a room full of people. We’ve double checked our thought processes with spoken words later, too.

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I often think I am experiencing things that I have dreamed about previously, a kind of deja vu, I suppose, but other than that, no. I have a really keen gaydar though, does that count?

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pretty much, i wouldn’t want to be paid for my abilities, as miraculous as they may appear

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I’m not sure I would say that I have mystic powers but I’ll vivid dreams and whatever my dream was about sometimes happens a day or two later (sometimes right down to the words people speak). If someone is calling me I can usually tell who it is before looking at the screen. I’m really good with intuition when it comes to how a person will react to something. I can sometimes tell if someone close to me is going through something hard or something exciting without talking to them. Does this count? I’m also pretty good at guessing things without a lot of knowledge

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Does this count? I know that when I put Milo in his carrier in the car and drive off to Humane Society for his manicure, he will either 1) poop 2) pee 3) vomit solids or today 4) spew up copious amounts of frothy saliva.

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I wake up at 6:30 in the morning every day on the dot. I never have to set my clock.

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I agree with Ragingloli about psychics are frauds – especially the ones that go into trances or say they see visions. I am pre-cognitive but can’t do it “at will.” I have dreams about events that happen later. Usually about insignificant things. It’s the details in the dream that makes them different from other dreams. Like where everything is placed, what people are wearing and what they are saying. It’s really kind of creepy.

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@gailcalled I think you definetly have a psychic connection with your dog! But it’s really more better to have the connection with people.
@sakura OMG….I am so, so sorry. It would be so hard to deal with the thought, “If only I’d acted on it….” when you didn’t. I’m so sorry.

I have learned that if, while driving, the idea of a cop lurking comes to mind, I’d best heed it as 9 times out of 10 I spy one within 30 seconds. And that includes along stretches of roads I’ve never been on before.
There are other things… time when I was a teen, I was sitting at the table, my dad was standing at the door and I stood up. I’m kind of tall and lanky and I suddenly had this feeling like I was one of those Chinese wooden square things that fold and unfold along a string. Then you turn it over and clank it down again. I felt like that as I was standing up, and then my dad says, “When you stand up you look like one of those Chinese things that fold and unfold!”
Another time I was walking through the shop, and Rick was watching me. I suddenly…felt like I was walking slowly, like in slow motion, my “picture” was softened, like with a camera lens, and my hair was gently bouncing around my face. It was almost like I was outside, looking at myself. It was really intense, and several weeks later I asked Rick if he remembered that when I looked like I was walking in slow motion, and he sort of interrupted and described the rest of it. It’s what he saw too.

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@Val123: Milo here; I may be a lot of things, but a dog (shudder) is not one of them.

Me with mouse #44 (nicely gift-wrapped in dried grass)- taken recently by clumsy Gail – you’d never know that she has opposable thumbs.

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@gailcalled Oh, ROFL!!! OK, Milo. I apologize for calling you a dawg, instead of recognizing you for the generous kitteh you are! I have two of them myself! (NICE floors! NICE wicker furniture! You stay away from it Milo!)

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@Val123: Notice the hand-woven Navajo rug. There is a 3 foot tear down the middle done by Himself.

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@gailcalled AND he has a bloody mouse on it! Damn cat!!!

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@Val123 : Milo’‘s rag rug is inside. That small grey lump is the mouse and is, for a change, just outside glass doors.

He is also systematically eating the wicker furniture. Luckily it was cheap.

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@gailcalled I had two labs at one point (Yes, I must have been out of my mind.) They ate my whole back yard, including the privacy fence and my metal pourch swing.

NOW I see the mouse! You know, the mouse kind of matches the patterns on your rug! Maybe Milo is trying to figure out how best to use the mouse to patch it up! Kinda looks like he’s studying on it, anyway.

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To me, psychic abilitiy equals “intuition.” I have well developed intuition, and just about anyone who wants to increase their intuitive ability can with some work and practice.

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I sometimes wonder whether everyone has some degree of psychic ability, but science hasn’t yet reached the ability to tell us why.

In April, 1995 I was diving home from work, and from out of nowhere came an overwhelming sense that something very terrible had happened somewhere. Since that feeling of dread had never happened before (or since), I just wrote it off as part of my usual abstract way of seeing the world.

When I got home the TV was on without volume, as my wife was vacuuming and had rock & roll music playing loudly. Attorney General Janet Reno was solemnly being interviewed by a few dozen reporters, and I thought…..“uh oh”.

The Oklahoma City bombing had just taken place, killing 168 innocent people.

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