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GUYS when you pee do you do this ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) April 27th, 2009

Why do guys pull there foreskin back when they urinate? Is there a health reason or something ?

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only if it starts to spray.

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(Zaku does some anatomical research on Wikipedia. Whoa, learn something new every day.) I seem to have been circumcised some time near my birth, so I guess I don’t have such a thing to pull back.

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@Zaku lolwut, you didn’t know what a foreskin is? Do they teach you anything at school?

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@ragingloli Many years ago, yes, though I may have forgotten and I don’t remember pictures of a variety of penises to make it clear. I think when they told us, I thought of my own equipment and thought the term foreskin referred to the skin on the head of the penis. At any rate as an adult I ended up unsure whether I had been circumcised or not, and if that meant I had more or less skin than those who had. I thought maybe circumcised penises had peeled a layer off the head of the penis.

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I’m circumcised, so no.

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i ask for help.

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Well I do not have foreskin anymore so I can’t say for sure. But I imagine its the same as any other part of our body…. we’d rather not have pee on it…..

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Because if you don’t pull back the foreskin (assuming you have some to pull back), urine sprays everywhere.

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you mean pulling it back causes it to not spray? hmm I should try that, I’m tired of cleaning up after myself…

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I’ve never seen a non-circed man pee. i just wanted to be the only female on the thread lol

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1 it controls the spray, and focuses the stream.
2 prevents driping while going.
3 keeps other parts dry

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@casheroo lol.

<<< Circ-dude.

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I’d imagine that if you didn’t pull it back before peeing, you’d have to pull it back to clean up afterward. If you’re not cleaning up…eeewww!

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would the foreskin maybe cover their piss hole?.....

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For those who do pull back . You still get drips when you put the foreskin back to normal position, do you then go wash it ? Because i dont pull back i wash it everytime i urinate !

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I am so envious of guys with a foreskin, my idiot parents had mine removed when I was a baby due to some stupid religious covenant, and I’m not even frikken Jewish.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra i don’t even miss mine anymore. i lost the turtleneck, but i got a lovely purple hat in exchange.

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Umm…ok you’re just realizing you were circumcised now? Do you perform self flagellation after touching “it”, muttering
“I’m ok…I’m not a bad boy…I’m sorry Mommy…”

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@SeventhSense – Yes I was just then realizing that. But no, I don’t self-flagellate.

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Just kidding dude.

As per the question, I’m cut so the answer is no.
Sometimes this happens though.

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because the alien in my penis doesnt like to get wet

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