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Have have you, as a parent, taught social justice to your kids?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38963points) April 27th, 2009

what has been the focus: all civil rights issues, gender equality, racial equality…or do you not do that kind of thing…and what have been some of the ways you’ve introduced these matters to your children?

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Absolutely. I consider it my duty to turn out thoughtful, caring, well-rounded human beings. Probably the biggest factors (in my mind) in achieving that end are: social justice, critical thinking, and open mindedness. Generally, I teach these things through tons of conversation and observation.

When my children ask about one thing it inevitably leads to a broader discussion of many related things. For instance, “What is a soup kitchen?” evolves into a discussion that touches on not only the definition of ‘soup kitchen’, but who they serve, why those people are in the position of needing a soup kitchen, and what could be done to improve the situation. Poverty, homelessness, mental illness, charity, volunteerism, and more are explored in an organic way.

It is rare that one of our conversations remains fixed on the original topic. Thus, a specific religion-related inquiry becomes a lesson on comparative religion, and on and on.

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…simone, you ask a pretty big question…for my children, the lessons started early and quite simply- “each and everyone is deserving of love”...

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I’ve always taught my children that everyone is the same, no matter what color they are or where they live, etc. I think you have to teach them that from an early age before they get tainted.

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was that statement ever qualified by ‘except rapists, murderers…’ or whatever people do when they say ALL but mean SOME

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wow and ouch… no, simone…

…this is rather large follow up question- i’ll make it small…

…if my child has a small booboo (harmless, superficial injury) i may clean it and kiss it and send them on their way…if my child has a greater injury, i may treat it, seek assistance, keep them under some observation and then kiss them…if my child has a life threatening injury, i may seek several experts’ assistance, kiss them and not leave their side…

as a qualifier: giving and receiving love, exercise a circumspect consideration…only giving what i can and not giving more than the other can receive- love is not to be forced…each according to his/her own…

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I want to be a parent like @augustlan

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i wasn’t implying you do this
i was just asking if you REALLY believe all should be loved equally
your children will know if that’s not true

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I taught my kids from the time they were very small that each person is deserving of respect & trust & tolerance, no matter what gender, race, or religion. It is only when an individual demonstrates that they are not worthy of respect, that such an individual should be avoided.

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@casheroo Aw, that made me feel so good! If you want to, you will be. :)

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@Linda_Owl and how do you teach them to gauge respect?

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Since my kids were very small we’ve had discussions on treating everyone the way you would want to be treated. I have explained that although we may not agree with everything someone does, it doesn’t make them a bad person. I focus a lot on racism, because we live in a small town and there’s not much diversity. Most of the people around here are kind of racist.
Most important, I want my kids to show respect, for themselves and others.

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…hello simone, not equally but according to individual need- some need more, some less…but i REALLY believe that each and everyone is deserving of love…i believe you and i are in agreement- are we?

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each person, when born, is deserving of love and equality (let’s not talk about whether this actually happens) they grow up, depending on their actions, that love and equality and respect can be taken away…and should be, if necessary

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Yes. We try to make them aware of social issues, and ways that people are hurting in our society and in our world, and we try to do things to help ameliorate that hurt. Their school helps in this.

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