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What events caused you to meet your SO?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) April 27th, 2009

Everything happens for a reason right? These are the events that led to me meeting my GF: At a family gathering my mom was stressed because she was cooking. This caused her and I to fight. It was such a bad fight that I moved out on my own. I met my landlord who told me if I wanted to get a better job to take certain classes at a community college and he would help me. That was under way. Meanwhile I’m still delivering pizza. One day, before work I saw my tire was flat. I brought it to the mechanic. He agreed to look at it right away. However, his wife was there with their son and he had devoted time to playing with him instead of checking my tire to see of it was fixable. This made me a few minutes late for work. My boss exploded on me. It was so bad that I quit. I went back to my old job for 2 months until I finished some classes up. Sure enough I was able to get that better job where I met a girl after 2 months of working there. We dated for 3 months. She cheated on me and we broke up. About 6 months later I meet another girl at the same job. Her boyfriend had also cheated on her and they broke up. We were both alone and said and met each other at the right time now we are together and happy. What are your events ?

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My best friend was dating his best friend. They’d been trying to hook us up for a while, so it was a blind date. Once was all it took. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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He and I both had myspace accounts. We also had a mutual friend. He saw me on her friends list and stalked my page not really lol We we started corresponding regularly and went on a few dates. He fell under my spell, and now we plan to get married asap :)

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After high school, I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA from Illinois to attend college. The two years that I lived there, I kept in touch with my friend Scott back in Illinois. Things weren’t going well for me in CA so I decided to move back home. I called my friend Scott to let him know that I would be moving back and his roommate Jon answered the phone. I asked Jon to let Scott know about my move.

When I returned to Illinois, I went to Scott’s house the following day. When I walked into his home, Jon was sitting on the floor playing a video game and looked right up at me. The second I looked into his eyes, I knew he was the one for me. That was 18 years ago and we are still together.

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@Facade Good for you! Congratulations. :-)

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@jonsblond Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

@jbfletcherfan Thank you!

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@Facade Thanks and congrats to you! :)

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I had been out of a relationship for three months. My supervisor needed to do an ad campaign for her hospital, which is 190 miles SE of Albuquerque in Ruidoso. My job was to interview doctors and transcribe and edit the interviews for ad copy, plus work with the photographer. On the second day, I ended up with my afternoon free, so I asked for an empty desk to start transcribing. My gf-to-be’s office mate was out that day, so I got her desk, which put me within ear and eye-shot of my gf-to-be. There was a spark of connection and some mild flirting pretty much right away, and I convinced myself that I had to ask her to dinner the next day. The next day I asked her, and she said yes.

Unbeknownst to me, she was married. (She also had just about every male over 21 chasing after her, and while she enjoyed the attention didn’t take up any offers.) By that point, though, it had long been a marriage in name only and she had already asked for a divorce a month prior to meeting me. She came into town a few days after our date to visit her sons, so we were able to get together again. From that point our relationship snowballed. She quickly moved into her own place a month later, and we did weekends back and forth for about 18 months before she decided to move to Albuquerque. That was four years ago.

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Our fathers worked together years ago and ran into each other at a meeting several years later. When they realized they had a son and daughter at the same college they insisted that we meet. Neither of us wanted to be set up by our parent, but they were persistent. After 2 months of this, I told my dad that if he took my shopping, I’d go meet this guy (who turned out to be totally hot to my surprise!). Then things fell into place, and we’ve been married 3 years! :)

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High school.

No longer together, though.

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at a pub…
I met my roomates ex, and tried to bum a cigarette by snapping my finger… Her best friend saw it, and fell in love… we sat and talked in the park until sunrise, and then I had to give it a shot, or risk that that girl slipped away…
So I went home, broke up with my current GF at the time (I was in the cards, and still very good friends), and asked the new girl on a date.
We have now been living together for half a year ^^

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I moved to an entirely new city where I didn’t know anyone withing 100 miles to get a teaching job. My first year, I was still dating my college boyfriend, so I didn’t really meet anyone my age. At the end of the school year, we broke up – massive drama.
My second year teaching, a young woman from the community’s charity haunted house organization came to the high school looking for children who would be interested in being in the cast. Someone sent her to my room because they thought the French club might be interested. I brought it up with the kids, who said that they were up for it. A few of them said that they couldn’t make the first meeting, so I volunteered to go and pick up the paperwork. (I hate Haunted Houses, by the way.) I arrive at the first meeting to see a harried-looking couple about my age. There are no other adults, and approximately 40 high school students itching to get into this abandoned hospital (where the event would take place). I decided to stay and help out. The couple became decent friends of mine as we worked together on this project.
The Haunted House Organization decided to hold a few pre-events to drum up publicity and raise some money. The first was a car-hopping event at a local fast food restaurant. We were painting faces of the kids and dressing them in scrubs, and then the girl that was supposed to be the body on the table to be operated on on the side of the road canceled. I volunteered to fill in and spent the next 4 hours covered in fake blood. Afterward, my friend invited me to her house to clean up and have a beer. Her boyfriend was having band practice for a gig the next night. The bass player was adorable, and he didn’t seem the least bit concerned to see a blood-stained corpse sitting in on rehearsal. We talked a little that night, but I thought he was dating the lead singer.
The next night the band had its gig, and I attended with my friend. Afterward, the entire band left except the drummer (my friend’s boyfriend) and the bassist. I helped them pack up their stuff and then we all went out for a beer. Bassist and I got there first, and ended up spending 6 hours talking, First in the bar, then out in the parking lot, about everything and nothing. Three years later, I’m proud to call him my husband.

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We met in Finland. We were both exchanging students from different countries studying there for a year.
Love, snow and nordic lights.

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A lot led up to me meeting my now husband.
My boyfriend a few years ago, read my husbands girlfriend at the time online journal. I read it as well, and I had my own journal (not too important to the story…) So, she and my SO (her SO at the time) lived together. I needed a job, so I got a job at a local restaurant as a hostess. I believe my boyfriend at the time and I had either just broken up or were about to break up.
I ended up getting some pot for the cooks at the restaurant, and they invited me to smoke with them at their friends house. I never turned down free pot. So, I went over, and there’s the girl and her boyfriend…it was their house. My husband had worked with the cooks that I was hanging out with, he used to be a cook at the restaurant! (which I don’t think I knew because I doubt she put which restaurant he worked at in her public journal…)
So, I recognized her and I believe I told her so. (from pictures and she was using the computer and I saw her myspace screenname or something and it all instantly clicked) It was a bizarre night.
So, they broke up, and then my DH and I started dating…engaged…baby…married.

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We met on the bus from an administrative building on the outskirts of Prague back to our apartment building in town. I didn’t really know anyone, and she was wearing the coolest jacket I’d ever seen: it looked like a long carpet with furry lining. Five years later, we got married.

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We met while working at McDonald’s. I think that was the only reason I worked there, karmically speaking!

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Mine is exactly the same as facade! haha

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::high five::

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