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I'm feeling really bad, what could I have?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) April 27th, 2009

I’ve been coughing for the last 2 days, sneezing, feeling very light headed, my vision is skewed and I keep having headaches. My throat is hurting like hell.

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I think so . :p

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If you are worried about your health consult your doctor.

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or a cold.

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On a lighter note – could it be manflu?

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I mean for the flu crap, there really haven’t been any reported cases around here, so i dee kay.

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@crunchaweezy think of it – you could be #1!!

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Oh noez!

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This is true ! What a pleasure that would be ! ;p

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you’d be famous – possibly dead, but famous!

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Sounds like the creeping crud or maybe allergies? Is Swine Flu really from a sickness pigs get? I’ve not been following it too much cuz it kind of scares me…

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@knitfroggy here’s one of the first victims. This should clear up how it’s transmitted.

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@eponymoushipster Holy Crap! Now I’m really scared! : P

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It sounds like a head cold to me. Most of mine start out like that.

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@crunchaweezy, I am sorry you’re not feeling well. It does sound like the way a conventional cold begins. Drink plenty of liquids, keep warm, get extra rest, and see what happens. I also take Vitamin C, which is prescribed by the part of me that also claps for Tinkerbell.

@eponymoushipster, you are just truly one of the very baddest critters around here. I would have to add you to my fluther now if I hadn’t already.

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Drink lots of green tea, and get some “link” Other things, take ecinacia, and zinc. This stuff always makes me feel good when I am sick. I would try the Zicam brand for the zinc. Feel better!

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you might just have a cold or really bad allergies. go to the doctor or get some medicine and i like jeruba and desireecassandra’s ansers

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I’ve been sick for a week now. Im convinced it is swine flu, or maybe mad cow. Either way, I’m sick of being sick…

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@chyna maybe the cow and the pig are trying to get at the chicken.

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i dee kay? i bet you talk like that IRL.

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And maybe also pronounce “colon capital dee”?

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Not really cashertoo :)))

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It’s been a a year and a half since the OP – I hope @crunchaweezy is feeling better. Did she ever say what she had? Was it really H1N1?

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