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My Dad's off to see the Grand Prix at Silverstone. What's the best way to get there and avoid the traffic?

Asked by spendiff (42points) April 27th, 2009

Trains? Park and Ride? Hotel? Any veterans who know the best way to avoid the traffic jams? Other hand bit of info for a first-timer are welcome.

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never been but i’ve passed it and it can be hectic, i’d say hotel and still get up and set off really early.

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Hello fluther mods I have been to the Silverstone GP twice and went by helicopter both times. In fact several companies run shuttle flights to the circuit and it is generally agreed that that is the best way to get there as every road for about 20 miles will be blocked. Given that why would you remove 2 quips that answer the question? How exactly does giving an answer to the question fall out side the guidelines?

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@Lightlyseared Making assumptions is easier than doing a little research, it seems.

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@bob Im surprised that hasn’t been moderated yet

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@Lightlyseared I don’t think it will.

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