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When you love somebody, how do you usually tell that person about your feelings for him/her?

Asked by Seth (302points) April 27th, 2009

I’m fourteen and I’m a little rusty. (sorry about the cliche)

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I love you.

There is no, ‘phrase’ for the beginning of the relationship. I usually just joke around it and say “I’m totally in like with you.”

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Just say “I love you”
Don’t beat around the bush

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Saying I love you is pretty good way to get the point across but only say it if you truly mean it

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bring them a dead bird.

full disclosure: i’m a cat.

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Relationships are not explicit contracts, especially at the beginning. Ask that person to go and do something with you. Ask them if they want to go to a movie, or on a walk, or to some event. Saying, “I love you” right off the bat sets a bad precedent and degrades the gravity of that phrase. Get to know them, and when the moment is right, greater intimacy will naturally emerge. You will both suddenly feel the urge to kiss, and both know that that’s what the other wants. Seize that moment and build from there. Say I love you only when you have some perspective on what the consequences of that would be. I guess my point is that some point will emerge in your interactions when you both require an explicit clarification of your relationship. That is the time to say things like, “I love you.”

Also, don’t be too hasty to get involved with people at age 14. You will look back and see them as mere instruments in your psychological development that probably won’t seem too healthy to you. At 14 you have an extremely pliable mind, and now is the time to learn a language really well, get good at math, or practice drawing or music with the utmost zeal. You will thank yourself later for cultivating what will later seem to be an innate ability, rather than frittering away your time on frivolous “relationships” with partly-formed people.

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listen to them. pick up on the little details and things they say about what they like whether it’s food or jewelry or flowers or even bobble-heads—anything! when you give them that little something that they really need or like to have, it says you listened to them. he or she may not have thought you were paying attention, but since you did pay attention to the “details,” you have scored major love points.

follow up with an “i love you” if you can get up the nerve…

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Say I love you. Shout it. At your age you don’t really have to worry about a thing.

You will find those three words much more difficult to say when you will grow older, trust me.

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@eponymoushipster my cat brought me a duck a few weeks ago, What does that say?

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I just say ’ i love you’ and if there is anything else on my mind i will tell him, im pretty open about that kind of stuff!

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First, consider that everything you know you learned from other children. By the time you are an adult you will have learned a few things from other adults.

Love is not a ceremony. You need to talk to each other, but you don’t need to exchange traditional expressions of love. Love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it. A man needs companionship, a woman needs to hear a male voice, so when two people take care of those needs, then we say they are “in love”. That doesn’t mean they have to get silly about it. Silly is ok, but you don’t have to. Think of a puppy: if you feed it (take care of needs), it loves you (takes care of needs). Simple, huh?

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