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What would you focus on in a presentation on Globalization and the Internet?

Asked by helloimcat (92points) April 27th, 2009

I’m doing a presentation this friday on cons of Globalization and the Internet, but I don’t know what to focus on. I was thinking about the Google controversy over China censorship, or how only a certain number of companies own all the internet.

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What does “on cons on Globalization” mean? Do you mean “to cons?” If so, what is (are) cons? Who is the audience? Also, how are you defining “globalization?”

Are you knowledgeable about globalization? If not, why are you giving this presentation? Are you just supposed to do anything, or does this fit in with other panelists or presenters or what? Or is this a school assignment, and you can pick any random topic?

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What point are you trying to get across? Focus on that. It will help if it’s not something overly simplistic, like “Globalization is Bad.”

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Sorry, that was supposed to ‘of’ globalization. I do know what Globalization is, and I’ve given another presentation on the benefits of social network sites (facebook, myspace, hi5, friendster) globally, and now I have to look at the bad side. I have to to continue talking about the internet because it needs to be a continuation of the first presentation, however, it’s figuring out which point to get across.

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What are your choices regarding points to get across?

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that’s the part i need help. It could be anything. What are the down sides of the internet being so readily accessible globally? Is it a homogenizing force? etc.. etc.

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Harnessing collective intelligence. Pick a real-life example, for example the SARS virus in 2003. Globalization means air travel, but it also means jointly using the Internet. A pandemic was avoided. Researchers worked together worldwide in ‘real time’. As I said, it’s about harnessing collective intelligence.

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The only things you need to be an effective speaker are something to say and a burning desire to say it. You have to provide both those yourself. If you don’t you are a reader, not a speaker. That’s ok, readers make a good living. The point is to get interested and make the subject your own. Since the subject is internet, use the internet to look up diatribes about the internet. Reading a few of those will clarify you on the “something to say part”. The “burning desire” part is still up to you all by yourself.

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