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Needing help connecting a ground cable...

Asked by Yo7 (3points) April 27th, 2009

I am living on an old house which circuit breaker panel does not have a ground bus bar. Where can I connect my ground cable? I am doing this in order to install a new dryer.

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I am not a licensed electrician. Here are the legal disclaimers: Might cause nausea; Your mileage may vary; Past perfromanceis not an assurance of future performance. Ok got it?
Usually the cold water pipe is a good ground. I have a drilled well with a steel casing that goes down 30 meters. That’s my earth ground in my house. You can also buy ground rods at Lowe’s and pound them in if you don’t have a water line.

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Do you have a volt meter? You can check how well you did by comparing the metal screw that holds the wall socket cover in place and the return side (the larger slot). That shld be a low2 number. I like to keep it less than 1 volt.
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Good luck. All sorts of strange things happen if your ground line is disconnected. Turn on the bathroom light and the kitchen lights dim. The sump pump does not run. The microwave turns on but doesn’t cook. People think they have ghosts.

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oh, I am sorry. I just had been a day here so I am still learning how to use this site.

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