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Are birds allerigic to coffee?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) April 27th, 2009

I was at a pet store and there was a sign saying some things that birds are allergic too and one of them was coffee. I had a parakeet that we kept in our kitchen and my parents would drink coffee every morning. My bird died about 6 months after we got him.

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Was the bird drinking their coffee? because i’ve never seen that. i’d imagine it wouldn’t be good for them, though – make their little hearts burst.

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I think it’s more what birds aren’t allowed to have than what they are “allergic” to. I think they pet store owners are using the word “allergic” because everyone understands that word.

Now your parakeet can’t die just by being around coffee. It would have to ingest the coffee. So unless your parents gave the parakeet coffee that was not the cause. However, the kitchen is not a safe place to keep pet birds. We use too many household chemicals that can cause the death of birds in our kitchens (among other reasons).

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Well of course i did not let my bird drink the coffee, but after my bird died, i started getting the magazine, BIRD TALK. it is a good magazine because i also figured alot of stuff that i did wrong. it was my first bird, so if i ever do get enother bird, i know better.

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