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What should we name our new dog?

Asked by weightless (57points) December 10th, 2007

This weekend we will be rescuing a two year old male springer spaniel and we’re trying to think of a name for him. He is white and black and handsome.

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Definitely Mr. __________ . When there’s a Mr. in front of whatever you choose, the pet sounds so distinguished.

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There’s another dog/pet name question from a while back with some suggestions, but I can’t find it. Seems like I can never recall a question via search… Why is that?

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Yes Kevbo I have the same problem! I have been looking for that baby corn question from a while ago for weeks.

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“Buckley” is a great name for a male dog.

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Our dog was called “Boefje”. “Boef” means “thieve” and “je” means it’s small, like you say “a little thieve”. We called our dog “Boefje” because he was like a little thieve that stole your heart, because he was very cute, but also because he was sometimes very naughty. (like a thieve)

Sadly, he died 7 years ago, but he died natural. He was 11 years old, so he died from elderliness.

He had a very good life, and he’s still with us.

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Make something up.. Look around the room for inspiration.

Looking around the room I came up with “desrip”.

That was a combo of desk and power strip… Get creative.

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Domino or Dog (pronounced Dee-oh-gee)

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I heard of a guy who named his two dogs “Cope” and “Hagen.”

He was from the South, where dipping tobacco is prevalent.

Nasty habit, but good dog names.

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I have two labs one brown and one yellow. Both young and both rescued from a shelter. I named them Huckleberry and Finnighan. Thus TA DA: Huck & Finn

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My best friend has three young adorable springer spaniels (and boy, do they spring – straight up into the air.) They all have the same mother – they are Leo, (alpha), Bess (clinging baby) and Chloe (the middle child.)

OTOH, there’s always Jerry.

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@glial: my aunt named her dog Dog (pronounced Dee-Oh-Gee), and I love that name for a dog. It rolls of the tongue whether you’re giving love to or being stern with him/her.

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Springer spaniels are beautiful athletes, and darling because enthusiastic, but usually not known for…
uh… their intellectual acumen. Perhaps name him Einstein, give him a little morale boost, or, to put it another way, a hint..

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@susanc, great suggestion!

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Mr. jerry springer spaniel

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@Spargett hmm Buckley is a good name for a young rock singer…not sure about dogs…

our male springer was called Max…lovely temperament…lovely dog…

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So what did you end up naming the dog?

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