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Does the truth come out when your drunk or not?

Asked by missjena (910points) April 27th, 2009

Why do people have so much to say when they are drunk? They claim their love for you when they are drunk. The question is whether or not it is what they truly think when they are sober. Do they feel since they are drunk they wont be embarrassed to say what they feel when they are sober? Anyone have a science to this? Have you known it to be truth that comes out or lies?

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Being drunk releases inhibitions and also lowers the sense of judgment, so it depends on what was inhibited. If true love is there, it might come out, if fake love is there, it could still sound the same.

There have been extensive studies and they are prevelant all over the internet, if you want to do a search.

Personally, I go to sleep when I get drunk.

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There are studies on this?! Wow thats great! Anyone have a link to one Id love to see it! I am very curious about this.

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I typed the words Is alcohol a truth serum?

and does alcohol make you tell the truth
in my search box and found many sites that can help.

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Thank you very much. I am going to look it up .

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Personally it hasnt been a truth serum. When i’m drunk i’m a lot more friendly and talkative but I still dont spill the beans.

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I think a lot of people do spill the beans and “tell the truth”. But I don’t think it is always the actual truth. You don’t think clearly when drunk. And your worldview is completely different when drunk. So you certainly say things you would normally hold in but it isn’t always the truth. Or it is the truth but just the truth threefold.

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I believe in the quote “in vino veritas”-“in wine is truth”. You lose your inhibitions when you’re drunk, that’s why you say what’s on your mind. There is probably a good chance it’s the truth, even if you have an urge to lie and claim otherwise when you sober.

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Drunk talk comes out when you’re drunk and emotions out of time and context whether they be truth or not. It’s better to just go to sleep when you get that sloppy.

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the truth always comes out when you are drunk. you say what you really mean and it either hurts or damns or leaves you sleep on the couch away—far far away from a significant other.

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If you are too drunk to formulate a good lie then you may accidentally give away a secret, or you may just be too wasted to remember that it is a secret or who is around to hear you say it.

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The reason behind my question is because lastnight I was hanging out with an exboyfriend. He was begging me for an hour to back to his sisters house (where he is staying) and sleep there. (not in a sexual way as bad as it sounds because his sisters in the next room and he would never even think to do anything with her right in the next room) He kept saying he wants to cuddle like old times and hangout plus it made no sense to drop him off because it was so late and i live so far from him. I didnt stay but today when i spoke to him hes like “ya i wanted u to sleep over because i didnt want u to drive”. yesterday he said that he wanted me to sleep there because he wants to see me longer and cuddle. He was saying a lot of sweet stuff the entire night but then today idk if he meant it or not and ill never ask. I always thought the truth came out when you were drunk from past experiences Ive had.

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Also a lot of people say things that may make the vulnerable while intoxicated or “spill the beans” because they feel like they have being drunk to fall back on.
ex. “oh i didnt mean to say that i was drunk”
its used as a justification.

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@missjena is it possible that both are true? also that he is feeling rejected because you didn’t stay so he had to come up with a cover story?

Of course when people are drunk they do tend to need to be with other people. I mean lets think about it. People who are drunk do cuddle with people they would never while sober.

On the other hand he could have been telling the truth. It seems to me this is more likely. That he is deathly afraid of commitment or some other aspect of relationships. While drunk he didn’t care anymore and was open to asking for cuddling etc.. (i’ve known guys personally to do exactly this). But then in the morning the fearful, commitment phobe is back. It takes a lot of skill to get the truth out of that. If you really like the guy I would say something casual like “i was going to stay so we could hang out some more, I just had a family commitment in the morning”. This lessens the blow on his ego without making you vulnerable.

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Truth comes out, yes. But it is greatly exaggerated.

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Of course not. I am drunk too often.

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When you’re drunk, your inhibitions fly out the window and your ID (or as my good friend calls her…Gloria) comes to the surface. Gloria can be fun at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. She’s crazy fun. But, sometimes, she loses control and says/does things that she shouldn’t have been said or done..

I got the pleasure of meeting “Gloria” about three weeks ago. There’s a question in here (Fluther) about “her”. It wasn’t a great experience..

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i like to believe so lol

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