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Why haven't I gotten any "Questions for You" in the last 4 days?

Asked by ubersiren (15160points) April 27th, 2009

Am I being punished by the Fluther gods? I know I have a foul mouth and I don’t make sense a lot of the time. But I used to log on to 10 or more questions, now not a single one. What have I done??!?!

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There was a thread on this. Didn’t you see it? Something about Ubersiren’s potty mouth and not allowing her to play anymore.

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It’s broken. We’re currently working to restore service. Thank you for your patience.

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@RedPowerLady : Thanks. Had I been getting questions, I may have seen that. :)

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AHA! THanks, @andrew. It just means I can’t be lazy;I’ll have to find my own questions. No problemo.

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Why doesn’t anyone search anymore?

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Because no one likes you.


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@ubersiren LOL. You cracked me up good with that one.

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I search NOW out of desperation!

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I NOTICED THAT TOO. my “questions for you” ratio is real low. i mean, it’s cool, but i did notice.

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Hurray! This question was in my questions for you!
Problem fixed. Thanks, gods!

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I now have 74 ‘questions for you’. All in the last half hour. Is that a sign that I spend entirely too much time here?

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Wow, I clicked to check Fluther before going to bed and had 130 questions waiting for me. I guess it is fixed!

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Whoa! I just woke up to a boat load of questions… nice.

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