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Will the possible flu pandemic give the government the excuse to declare Martial Law?

Asked by DREW_R (738points) April 27th, 2009
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It’s about as likely as George Bush declaring martial law to prevent Obama’s inauguration.

But man o man, does it give conspiracy nuts something to talk about.

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No they won’t. That would be an irrational maneuver. This newest “pandemic” scare is all hype. Yes, quarantine some pigs, sure.

Martial law? cmon…

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You know, people might actually take you seriously if you didn’t say something completely batshit crazy every week or so.

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@Ivan: LOLFR <<snort>> So true

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Yeah, this is the excuse they were looking for to get rid of guns too.
Oh, and they will be including GPS nanobots in the flu medicine they force feed to us which will disseminate into our bloodstream making us walking homing beacons.

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I heard they were going to declare “Chuck Norris” so he could start delivering roundhouses to Babe and Wilbur.

Technically, it’s possible, but I personally think this is a trial balloon (to get people to take Tamiflu? not sure). If people start dropping in significant numbers, that’s when I’d be concerned. Regardless, my money is on this not being a natural mutation.

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What makes you think they want—or need—an excuse?

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Well, give it a little time to play out. If it does become a dangerous pandemic, and it may not, it is still early, the government may need to impose quarantine, not unheard of. My father was quarantined for 6 week as a child when he had scarlet fever. But martial law? That’s a stretch. The flu epidemic of 1918 is as severe an epidemic as the U.S. have ever known, I think. That might be a model. I don’t know where and if martial law was declared anywhere. You should check into it.

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Had I payed attention in government class, I’d remember what martial law is

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Um, no. This seems to be the answer I’m giving to all of your questions lately.

Edit: My bad, it wasn’t your question that I gave this answer to earlier. Sorry.

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How do you know they haven’t already declared marshall law, but they just haven’t told us?

where is the aluminum foil hat brigade when we need them?

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They just incorporated this into a John Stewart report/sketch that aired today. It came from the “Centers for Stuff I Heard from Some Guy.” Ergo, it must be a false rumor.

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I saw that skit, kevbo. It was pretty funny.
On the Simpsons, they did something on helicopter parenting which is something that was discussed not too long ago on Fluther. Maybe they’re stealing our conversations for their comedy material…

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Yeah, they’re stealing our conversations and feeding them into the swine flu machine, and then sending it out in digital packets disguised as viruses, but instead are anti-viruses. As soon as the anti-viruses are attacked by the anti-virus software, they become viruses and give people seriously dangerous flus!

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The 1976 swine flu resulted in the death of one. After President Ford mandated the swine flu vaccine, 30 people died from taking the vaccine and thousands were paralyzed or came down with Gaille-Barre syndrome.

So here we see 100 people die of the current H1N1 and now its a level 6 Pandemic? Who the hell comes up with this shit? WHO, the medical arm of the U.N., has elevated this to a level that would encourage the average American Sheep into taking the vaccine willfully. They don’t need martial law. They are gonna save that for when they make the Federal Reserve fail, on purpose, so that they can implement the North American Union and we can have the Amero instead of the dollar.

You pussies are gonna be too scared to even think about resisting a vaccine.

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@Darbio16: your wingnut talking points are showing.

The moment you start referring to your interlocutors as “sheep” you’re on dangerous ground. And when you indulge in paranoid conspiracy theory fantasies like the North American Union and the Amero, you pretty much lose the argument.

(Hint: do you really think Canada would put up with being assimilated into the United States without even a referendum? This is a country that can’t force Qu├ębec to toe the line—do you think they’re going to join the US without a whimper?)

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Ask the people of Europe about the big “European Union” conspiracy. Before it happened people were saying the same exact shit. Now look, a European Union.

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@Darbio16, the level of the pandemic is determined not by how dangerous the disease is, but how contagious and quick-spreading. The danger lies in possible mutation. Level 6 is duly deserved for swine flu.

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@Darbio16: Did you perhaps fail to notice that there were votes in all of the EU member nations about whether to join, and then about whether or not to ratify the EU constitution? It was not the slightest bit secret; it was carried out entirely in public, and it was the result of a process that started in 1951, completely in the open.

I reiterate: your wingnut talking points are showing. There are enough things to worry about in the world that you are frankly wasting your time and energy ranting and railing about Amero bullshit.

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