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What are your telephone habits?

Asked by cookieman (36742points) April 27th, 2009 from iPhone

Are you a Chatty Cathy or Vinnie the Verbose? Or does the sight of Mr. Bell’s baby make you clam up and zip your lip?

Do you talk about anything and everything at all times of day? Or do you stick to just the facts ma’am?

Is your call waiting akin to a revolving door at Grand Central? Or do you screen every single call?

Does your cell phone bill resemble the national debt? Or do you prepay $20.00/month and that’s just fine with you?

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I’m a phone talker and always have been. I could talk on the phone forever and I’m in my 30s…imagine what it was like when I was 15!

I talk to my sister for at least an hour every morning, sometimes longer than an hour. I’ve known her for 28 years-what the hell could we have to say to each other for an hour plus everyday? I dunno, but we always have stuff to talk about.

I also talk to my best friend on the phone quite a lot, usually everyday, but not always for such a long time. We text each other a lot but we are together a lot so, we don’t have to talk on the phone quite as much.

My husband is forever busting my balls when I’m talking on the phone, tell whoever it is to hold on so I can answer a text, and all the while I’m on the Internet. He says I have some sort of problem, but I don’t think so. I think I have excellent multi-tasking skills.

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I only want to talk on the phone if I or the other person does, in fact, have something they need to tell me.

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I have really cut down on my phone use. I’ve stopped wanting to spend time on the phone. I think it’s in direct correlation to seeing my daughter on the phone so often…it drives me batty!

Now, if I’m in the mood, I can talk away. I have one friend that our husbands just groan when we start a conversation. It’s like time stops and she and I can just go on and on.

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In my teenage years, talking on the phone was as natural as breathing to me. I could spend hours on the phone, especially with boyfriends. These days, I almost universally dread a ringing phone. When I don’t feel like talking to anyone, I do screen my calls and will only answer calls from my husband and children.

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@augustlan Isn’t that what’s great about cell phones and ringtones. You don’t even have to look at the phone to see who is calling!

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I talk on the phone a lot. I work from home, and the phone is my lifeline to connection. Otherwise, it’s just me and the ol’ computer.

I rarely answer call waiting – I don’t like to interrupt the conversation I’m having. And I screen my calls and answer when I truly do want to talk to the person. I usually listen to messages shortly after and decide if they need and I want to talk right away.

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I use my telephone to take notes of my ideas. And more. But first of all, note taking. It’s more than a habit, it’s an irrestistible obsession.

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