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Whats your favorite band?

Asked by brianlong88 (84points) April 27th, 2009

or favorite bands?? looking for some good stuff new or old.

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All time fave is R.E.M I could never, ever get tired of them
also: BareNaked Ladies, Fleetwood Mac, The B-52’s and The Doors are my other favorites. I love them all just about equally, but R.E.M I love just a little bit more.

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The Decemberist’s are my all time favorite. Been to 2 of their shows and I’ll be going to a 3rd in June in NY =D. Definitely an acquired taste though – their album titled “The Crane Wife” is probably most likable by the mainstream.

MC Chris – Funny, odd, obscure, “Nerdcore” rap. Worth checking out if you’ve watched adult swim during your teenage years.

The Shins – Indie band, kind of soft/easy listening. Very relaxing.

Artic Monkeys – A UK band, pretty catchy stuff.

Andrew Bird – Another acquired taste. A lot of his music (including the instrumental back-rounds) is all created by him. Not a huge fan, but I must say he’s very creative and talented.

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Right now?

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Unicorn Kid

Belle & Sebastian

The Unicorns


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Ben Folds (or Ben Folds Five). Hands down. I love him like Misery style.

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My favorite band is a combo from Liverpool that all the hip kids dig. Call themselves The Beatles. What a funny name! It’s like “beetles”, but with an “A”!

Brakes (or brakesbrakesbrakes as they call themselves now)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Jens Lekman
Leonard Cohen
Manchester Orchestra
Of Montreal
Roots Manuva

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You’ll get a different answer every time you ask. Right now im really lovin on Kutiman ,Kid Cudi ,Shpongle ,Justice and ,Ratatat

@Disc2021 mc chris is awesome, i may be seeing him for the 5th time next month, not sure or not yet cause its the day after a music festival so ill probably be beat.

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@uberbatman Sweet dude! I might even try to get around to seeing him live. I tried to see him once, but by the time I realized he was in my area the tickets were sold out =\.
Have you heard the song IG-88 and is there anyway to buy it without buying the whole album? I checked Itunes and no dice.

MC Lars is also a good “nerdcore” rapper.

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Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals

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@chicadelplaya Ben Harper has the most gorgeous voice Great Answer!

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@sjmc1989- LOVE him. However, I’m not super stoked on his new band and new sound, Relentless 7. :/ Sounds too trendy and mainstream to me.

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Umm, there’s several:

- The Doors; Jim Morrison on the cover of the April 1991 edition of the Rolling Stone = Complete stud!
– Queen; because they are simply awesome
– annnd Led Zeppelin

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Nightwish, I prefer Tarja as the female vocalist but I do appreciate their new stuff too.

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i base my favorite band upon the songs that are intertwined in my dreams.
that, for me, is the Beatles.
i was raised on them and love them to this day.

i also love Jim Croce.

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Pet Shop Boys
New Order
Mondo Bongo
Joy Division
Ghost Yoda

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Dredg, Muse, Floyd… so many to love.

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Thievery Corporation
Zero 7
Massive Attack
Deep Dish

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Journey, Guns N Roses, Foo Fighters…I have a bunch of favorite arists too but as for bands those are prolly my number ones

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The Smashing Pumpkins. Quite possibly the greatest band of all time, all thanks to Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain of course.

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Interpol, Whitest boy alive, Friendly Fires

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It would have to be Radiohead, their music is just too good to describe.

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