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Would you rather be photographed as is, au naturel - or get dolled up, made-up or at least straighten your hair and shave (guys and girls)?

Asked by Zen (7738points) April 27th, 2009

If someone were to snap your picture right now, would you be “happy” with the results?

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I’d be pretty upset lol. I have no makeup on. I don’t like to take pictures without makeup on, even for my babe. And yes, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t leave the house unless I’m completely put together.

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Mostly au natural. But I’d like to be given the opportunity to minimize the shine my forehead usually emits and I need fair warning to put on a proper smile. I am always candidly shot and it never turns out well. I’m barely recognizable as a fellow human unless I’m given a heads up.

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I prefer natural. I’m not a big make-up wearing fan, anyway. I generally am more relaxed if I am not anticipating the picture. If I have to get dressed up, go through the picking out the outfit, doing all the stuff to get ready, I don’t know why – but it annoys me. Not good for picture time.

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No, I wouldn’t be happy, mainly because I have some noticeable brown marks/scars on my face that have still not gone away after a couple years. Hi. I’m aprilsimnel and I was a zit popper. I even use sunscreen daily and my skin still looks awful. I’d rather not have a photo taken of me au naturel right now.

Any reccos on non-oily fade creams and mineral makeup for olive skin tones welcome!

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I would want to fix my hair just a little bit. I’ve been wearing headphones and those tend to mess it up a bit. Otherwise, I don’t think it would be a problem. I don’t wear make up and I don’t shave yet. But when my hair is short enough, there really isn’t anything to do to it.

But you know, I’ve seen pictures of me with imperfect hair and I don’t know, it’s kind of cute… :)

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@Dansedescygnes – Ah, c’mon….you don’t like the “headphone hair dent?” :)

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Can’t stand it…haha. It’s so hard to fix. It almost just has to go away on its own. My brother’s like “just use iPod earbuds”. Yeah, well they don’t sound as good. I use those for my iPhone, but when I’m listening to music officially on my computer in a quiet room, I want to hear the better sound of the bigger headphones.

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I’d prefer that people see me as I am. The dolled up glamor shots don’t say as much about a person. They only look like that in front of a camera.

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I’d wrestle them for the camera at the moment! I just got back from the tanning bed and am looking far from pretty. I like to at least be clean for pictures :)

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@Dansedescygnes I agree on everything you said! I do prefer the bigger headphones, in most cases and I do hate that stubborn headphone line.

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I want to be done up. Not like GlamourShots made up, but some makeup and run a brush through my hair. I’d be pretty annoyed right now, I’m in a Nuggets Birdman T and a messy bun and no makeup. It ain’t cute. Some of my favorite pics of me are when I’m natural, but there are so, so, so many terrible pictures of me when I’m not done up.

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My hair is pretty messy, because I got out of the shower and let it dry on it’s own…but, other than that, I look like I always do.
I don’t usually wear make up, and if I do, it’s just a little under eye cover up. Any picture of me taken, is usually me au natural.

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I hate being photographed without makeup. I always wear makeup anyway, so I don’t like showing me without it. There just isn’t enough definition to my features without it, imho.

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It depends on the type of picture. For planned photos, I’d rather be made up… not too fancy, just a little better than usual. For candid shots (which I usually look better in anyway), I don’t mind either way.

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Dressing up’s fun though :D

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As is.

No amount of window dressing is going to improve me much.

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Dressed up. My Fluther image is from when I was looking and feeling my best at a party. Those are the pictures of myself that I like.

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Right now? I’d be a bit cranky. I don’t require a lot, but I would like to brush my hair first. And maybe put on a bra. I just rolled out of bed, quite literally. But at least I have clothes on. So really, I prefer clothing and brushed hair.

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I usually like candid photos of me better than the posed ones.

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no. my skin has been acting up lately, and i’d be very upset with a photo of it haha.

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I’d rather not be photographed at all

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