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Why do celebrities tend to date/marry other celebrities?

Asked by aviona (3242points) April 27th, 2009

It seems nowadays (maybe always) that celebrities will only date other celebrities. It’s like “celebrity” has become its own breed of human and god forbid their offspring be mutts.

I realize there are exceptions, but generally speaking, why do you think this is? Is it so they are guaranteed a hot, known date for the red carpet? Is it because their social circles are so small that’s really the only people they meet? Or maybe it’s for the compassion, famous people know how other famous people feel…

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I suspect that it is because they can. If you could, would you marry a normal man, or the celebrity who is extremely rich and good looking, assuming you like both the same amount?

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Simple, if you want to date someone you’re sure isn’t just after you because you’re famous/rich/whatever, who would you date? Someone else who’s famous.

Hence why most of the celebrity/none-celebrity pairings you usually see are those in which they married before one became a celebrity.

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You fall in love with those you are in contact with. Also the intimate setting while shooting a movie on location is like having a private world. You become very close to the other cast members.

Very few match ups these days are for PR like they were in the “Golden Age” of movies when the studio executives often would create publicity match ups designed to get headlines or to soothe rumors of a star’s sexual orientation.

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I assume it’s a mix of everyone’s answers… and also other celebrities are the only people who truly get what it’s like to be stalked by paparazzi, to be on location, to have that much stress on appearance, etc. (like you said, the compassion).

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Maybe because a fellow working actor understands the demands of the job best? I don’t know, I’m not an actress :)

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I agree with the former answers, and to add, other celebrities might be the only type of people who treat you like a real person.

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Maybe it’s because they assume that another star wouldn’t look at them as an ATM.

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I suspect also that when a celebrity marries a non-celebrity, it’s kept very quiet to respect the privacy of the non-celebrity.

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People tend to get involved with their peers, someone they can relate to.
I’d imagine that celebrities don’t treat each other the way that non celebrities treat celebrities.

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i would assume because other celebrities are generally speaking the best looking people alive. people make it as actors/models based on the fact that no one else looks like that, so if youre able to BECOME a celebrity, that means (generally) that you are good looking enough to date someone else who is good looking, and who better than another celebrity who is most likely attractive.

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Go with what you know.

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It might also have something to do with, if you are a famous person, then a lot of people want to get with you just because you are famous and have money. If you find someone else who is famous and has lots of money, then you do not have to worry that they only want you for being famous and having money cause they already have these things too. I’d imagine being a successful actor/actress can be more lonely than most people think

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Lifestyle, basically.

Similar routines = similar way to see the world.

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Being a celebrity is very much different than a normal life. I think they have life experiences in common with other celebrities.
When Frank Sinatra came to Hollywood, he made a list of all the female stars he wanted sex with. So did Russell Crowe. Maybe they are star-struck as well.

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because they spend more time with other famous people, have similar lifestyles, and are less likely to be after them just because they’re fans/want fame.

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Idiot, ignorant, activist, blowhard celebrities.. They deserve each other.

With the likes of Susan Sarandon involved with Tim robbins they can’t drive anyone else crazy.

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Celebs are the people celebs hang with the most and think will understand them the best. The problem is, they tend to be extremely self-absorbed, which is why they tend to divorce so quickly and often. I’ve had a bit of experience in this area—not good experience, I must quickly add.

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