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Numbness in the hand and pinky finger from the elbow?

Asked by plumbobby0 (3points) April 27th, 2009

I have numbness and tingling on the outer hand, pinky and ring finger that seems to originate at the elbow and causes pain when the elbow is flexed or closed when shaving, brushing hair, etc.

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Have you banged your funny bone really good recently?

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Sounds like a pinched nerve or possibly worse, nerve damage.

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I have the same thing from a pinched nerve/bulging disc problem.

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Sounds like you have something going on with the ulnar nerve. Have you had any trauma to that hand/forearm at all? Has your muscle strength decreased in that area as well?

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I have it presumably from resting on my elbows when on the computer or playing a handheld.

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You’re broken.

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i would take a serious look at the pinched nerve scenario. Do you play any sports? maybe gold tennis or bowling? Do you type much at work? is there a possibility for repetitive stress disorder in your joints? How old are you? have you had any back issues that may be related to a herniated disc? Do you lift weights? There are a lot of different factors that can go into finding the simplest explanation… before getting into the heavy stuff which can involve anything from a family history of nerveous system pathologies to a bunch of other things that i won’t even mention because of their relative obscurity and tendency to worry people.

Go see a doctor. please. The only way to get rid of the problem is to find out what it is.

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I get that when donating blood components (especially platelets). My arm is resting on the arm rest for up to 120 minutes while squeezing a ball. I asked my doctor about it, and he told me the ulnar nerve gets compressed and causes those fingers and outer part of the hand to go numb (carpal tunnel syndrome will cause the thumb and first two fingers to go numb). We did a nerve conduction study to see how extensive the problem was. In my case, I just need to have the arm rest lower to get my arm in a better position so the nerve doesn’t get compressed as much.

In your case, it’s happenning when you bend your arm in what seems like a normal position. If you have stress or trauma to your elbow from, say, overuse, you may have a case of tendonitis. Ask your doctor about it. There is more information on it here.

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How much are you on the computer or gaming per day?

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Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome to me, can get it from typing, haircutting, any repetitive movement. Try getting a brace at walmart that keeps it straight (your wrist that is) and wear it especially when you sleep. Can’t hurt and might help. Stretching exercises also are good.

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You’ve been resting your arm on your ulnar nerve. It runs unprotected from your elbow down through your pinky. When you aggravate this nerve, or suffocate it [you know what I mean], it’s referred to as hitting your “funny bone”.

The correct term for this condition, which is temporary more often than not, is ulnar nerve entrapment. If the pain is consistent or lasts for days, alert your family practitioner for evaluation. You will need surgery to move the nerve back into place.

source: I’m a pre-med student.

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