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I do not know if the one I loved loves me or not...

Asked by fatmaelzahraa (1points) December 11th, 2007

…He is so vague…. sometimes he does what reveal his love… and other times he does no signal and ignoe me so well…. I need your help…
He did not declare that he love me… but I feel it…
is it illusion????
I can give you more details sfter hearing from you….

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Is English your first language? I ask because that was hard to parse. (and I have been drinking)

Basically, If you need to question love, it isn’t love.

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Try couples counseling or individual therapy. Sound like you are having communication problems.

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Try asking him.

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sometimes, as has recently been happening to me, people get very busy and stressed and caught up in their lives. my girlfriend recently confronted me with basically what you are saying, she didnt know if I loved her anymore, because i was not showing it. an important thing to note here is that I am in Utah, and she is in NJ, thats the trouble with starting a relationship during the last month or so at college. but basically i wasnt calling her or emailing her just to say hi or tell her she was beautiful, etc. What i’m trying to say is that maybe it isnt you, maybe it is him. maybe he is very busy and under alot of stress and, unfortunately, you are also being affected by his stress. This is one of the tough things about relationships, it is difficult for one to shield their professional life and the effects thereof from their mate, and often the mate does not understand the change in behavior, or does not accept that that is why he or she is being treated differently. take bob’s advice and ask him about it, but dont try to make him feel bad, and dont make it a confrontation. also, and this is important, absolutely do not hold it in until it is a major problem, letting things build is extremely unhealthy and you will likely say something you don’t mean or cause him to do the same.

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If you are unsure and afraid to ask, he is not in love with you. Tell him your thoughts and listen to what he says, but more importantly, pay attention to what you feel in response. You will have your answer. Validation for more doubts, or an over-whelming response of forgiveness for neglecting you?

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