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What TV moment makes you cry everytime/anytime you see it? The more embarrasing the better ^^.

Asked by TjHare (109points) April 28th, 2009

I was watching Apollo 13 and my mom came home just in time to see the part where it gets all emotional before they get back home. And she cried having only watching for 10 minutes. She said “I always cry at this part”. I can’t deny shedding a tear in a few films, or in a few books: Lotr, Field of dreams, Wrath of Khan (haha)

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All Time TV
Last episode of M*A*S*H.

Current TV
Most episodes of Brothers and Sisters.

All Time Movie
Shawshank Redemption

Recent Movie
Marley and Me

Honorable Mention
Any Hallmark commercial involving a child.

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@cprevite ya Shawshank redemption is a good movie! Morgan Freeman’s in tons of tear-jerker movies, Like the Bucket List was a good movie, And that movie from 1989 where he’s the schoolteacher. @YARNLADY your link did not work, “this link does not work in your region”

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I cry at everything. I cried at the damn Miley Cyrus movie. I cry when the SPCA commercials come on. I cry during the news.

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@elijah: Thanks for the warning. I’m taking my daughter to see the Miley Cyrus movie this week.

I can see it now: Big goofy white guy comforted by six-year-old during Hannah Montana movie.

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Agh, I cried to The Notebook…Dont fuckin tell anybody

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The one that gets me, is the dog food commercial with the redhaired girl and the Irish setter. It starts with a little girl and a puppy struggling to get up the steps, then an older girl and an adult dog racing up the steps, and at the end, the old dog is struggling again.

Makes me glad I don’t have a TV.

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HAHA the “notebook”! I was gonna see that movie with 2 girls but we went to see “white Girls” instead (whatever that Wayans movie was called where they dress as black girls) and I cried laughing at the black guy high on ecstacy scene with the whistle LOL! @frdelrosario wow a commercial which lasts under a minute makes you cry? That’s cute and funny haha, :)

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@cprevite my daughter didn’t cry, it’s not a sad movie for a kid. She actually was laughing at me. My kids know I cry at everything and they think it’s funny.

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I think it’s funny when girls cry too. Lol jk

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I just saw Marley and Me last week. That damned thing should have a warning on it. As soon as you see the damned puppy they should stop the frame and say, “WARNING: You will fall in love with this dog and it’s gonna die.”

There are a few scenes in Buffy that do that to me. When her mom dies and she first calls her “the body” I cry. When Spike is rejected -multiple times. When Oz comes back and the scene where he’s leaving again.

When the Doctor has to make Donna forget.

And I always want to try to catch Gandalf when he falls fighting the Balrog.

When Edie and Patsy sell Saffy, and when Saffy is found kissing her prof and Edie licks the light switch. Ok, the laughter comes first and then the tears.

…and of course every time the Skipper hits Gillian for messing up again. :^>

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@cyndyh Gandalf the Grey was a hero, and when I read him fighting the Balrog of morunde; man I never read so hard (not even when I read R.A salvatore).. That was when things seemed the worst for Samwise and frodo, other than mordor.

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@cyndyh: The worst part about Marley and Me was that I didn’t expect it to be sad. I knew nothing about the movie going in. I was blubbering by the end.

@elijah: Yeah, my daughter laughs at us too. meanie

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(Cringe) Titanic… Makes me weep like a baby everytime! How pathetic! I’m still a beer drinking, tobacco chewing man though!

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@trickynicky: Yes, but your heart will go on.

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I’m like @elijah, I cry at everything, happy or sad. Just about every episode of Lost get’s me teared up. I’ve also been known to tear up during the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor. I can’t believe I just admitted to that one!

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I can damn near cry on command. Hallmark commercials kill me. I bawl when someone one wins American Idol. When I was pregnant there was this Toys R Us commercial where kids were dreaming and this kid was playing Monopoly on this huge board-he’d roll the huge dice and go say “Double Sixes? I win again!” and I’d just bawl my eyes out. I also bawl every time I watch Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias-two of my favorite movies.

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Steel Magnolias, My Girl, last episode and a few other episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , flashbacks of Mr. Hooper on Sesame Street, lots of commercials, extremely triumphant moments, very sad moments. I’m reading above at @knitfroggy, and I’m pretty much the same way. It doesn’t take much. I just HATE to let anyone see. I hold it in as much as I can and try to get over it as quickly as possible.

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The commercial for animal shelters where it shows a dog in in shelter and it says, “I’m a good dog; why doesn’t anyone want me?” Makes me bawl every time.

I can’t stand it when children or animals are mistreated and they can’t even undestand why.

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I cry everytime I see the Lion King…never fails.
As for TV, I am obsessed with Supernatural, and anytime Dean dies or cries, it is guarenteed I am crying with him.

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OMG, I am right there with you. Anytime Sam or Dean dies, I cry.

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@cyndyh: Lurve for the Buffy moments! I also cry when Xander saves the world with his yellow crayon story and when Spike saves the world at the end.

When Dr. Fraiser dies in Stargate and they list the names of the people whose lives she saved, I cry. When Dr. Becket dies in Stargate Atlantis I start going when they play the bagpipes and Teyla limps into the gateroom even though she’s in no condition to leave the infirmary.

I think the most embarrassing cry moment is during Lilo and Stitch when Mr. Bubbles tells the big sister she’s an unfit guardian and takes Lilo away. Gets me every time.

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Yes…..Notebook & Titanic…I’ve only seen them once & that’s enough for me. TOO emotional. MASH for sure, Hallmark commercials, especially at Christmas, the SPCA ad with “In the Arms of an Angel” I literally get up & leave the room.

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Absentia Henry episode of M*A*S*H – when Radar comes into the OR at the very end…
“Radar if that’s my discharge, give it to me straight, I can take it!”
“I have a message from ICOR. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake’s plane was shot down… over the Sea of Japan… it spun in… there were no survivors.”

God I’m almost tearing up just thinking about it.

@cyndyh – my Buffy tear-jerking moment would be when Tara “comes out” as a demon (or so she thinks). In the standoff at the end, her father and brothers proclaim “We are her KINSMEN! Who are you to stand in our way?!” Buffy’s response “We’re her family.” The look of adoration and gratitude in Tara’s face is incredible.

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@janbb & @jbfletcherfan Those are the SPCA commercials I’m talking about! I’ve seen them at least 40 times and I still cry. It’s so sad. Have you seen the polar bear one where the mom and baby are floating away on a piece of ice? Then the mom jumps in to try and find food, and the baby looks scared? Omg that one is horrible.

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As for movies – Lilo and Stitch. “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten. This is my family. I found it, all by myself. It’s small, and broken, but still good. Yeah. Still good.”

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And if we want to throw books in, I wept during the entire time I read the funeral of Dumbledore at the end of Harry Potter 6.

… shuttup.

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Six Feet Under. Last episode. But I still feel manly.

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@MrItty Oooohh, yeah, THAT MASH episode, too. what a heartbreaker.

@elijah I LOVE polar bears. Yes, that’s tough one, too, for sure.

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Every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Movies FOX and the HOUND, and Bambi why would you ever let you kids watch that! DONT DO IT TO THEM!!

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I don’t cry, I just get misty. The end of Pearl Harbor, the end in Finding Neverland, the last part in Last of the Mohicans when the father sees his only son get his throat slit and he is screaming (gets me everytime).

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@Mritty: Cut it out man. I’m a mess over here.

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try the end of The Last Samurai! Katsumoto having his “They are all perfect” epiphany, gets me every time.

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@MrItty I know! I cried multiple times while reading the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books…I imagine I will for the movies as well

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I cry to those SPCA commercials as well.
And to a lot of the scenes in ER. I cry whenever I watch Steel Magnolias.
I tend to cry easily to movies.

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Not sure if this counts, but the one TV moment that made me cry tears of joy, was when it was announced that Bush lost the 08 election!

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I totally tear up when Dean Winchester dies too.
I laugh when Sam gets hurt though.

I don’t cry at movies, or anything. At most I tear up, but it’s rare.

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The end of 300 when he announces his love to his wife right before he !

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@TjHare : My memory for the book is not that specific anymore since it’s been a while since I’ve read it. I love the way the movie handled that moment though. It still chokes me up.

@cprevite: Yeah, I just thought Marley and Me was going to be a cute dog movie, and I really like Owen Wilson. I watched it one night when my husband was working late in the other room. He had no interest in seeing that movie in particular. He was finishing something up and comes out when there’s about a half an hour left. I tell him he might not want to watch it now because I think the dog is gonna die soon. So then he sits down beside me and I have to tell him about how “doggity” the dog is -that’s what we call that happy, playful quality that the best dogs have. Marley? Very doggity. We were both crying by the end and he hadn’t even seen the setup through the first of the movie. Damn.

@knitfroggy: Lurve for hallmark commercials.

@KatawaGrey: And don’t for get the other time he saved the world in the Zeppo episode and no one knows it afterward. And don’t get me started on the Stargate stuff. I started watching the first one late and really loved it so much more than I thought I would. So, I had to watch the old ones and then start watching Atlantis, too. I have a thing for all the Christopher Judge episodes of SG-1.

@MrItty: Oh, yeah. The Tara is family moment was great. That one does it to me, too. If we’re talking Harry Potter and books it’s the end of 7 that makes me cry.

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when Homer crawls back to beg Mr. Burns his job at the plant…

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@cyndyh: Christopher Judge is seriously hot.

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@KatawaGrey : ...and a seriously good writer if you look at those episodes he wrote. I’d like to see more by him… and more of him, too. :^>

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@cyndyh: Truth. That one where he and Bratek had to share a symbiote and he was hallucinating about being a firefighter was amazing.

Occasionally I search for naked pictures of him online. Haven’t found any yet…

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@KatawaGrey : I’m not sayin’ nothin’. :^>

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on project runway, when jack has to leave, and they show christian’s face. oh god. D:

and then on roseanne, i think it was the episode where darlene loses the baby? and david. oh my god david ))): he makes me so sad. and darlene too of course, but man. i’ve always had a soft spot for david.

i cry a lot more during movies. probably because i’m not a television person, per se.

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Whenever I watch The Best Years Of Our Lives. There are several points where I choke up, but when Fredrick March walks down the hall to see his wife after coming home from the war, its tissue time.

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Okay, I’m watching Pocahontas and when Pocahontas throws herself across John Smith as her father is about to kill him… yeah, I started crying.

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