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Wii online game codes , Where do i find them ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) April 28th, 2009

I herd there are codes you have to give your friends, to be able to play online games using the wii. Where do i find these codes and where would i enter them ?

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Though I’d also do more research if I were you (oh hey, my link provides that possibility also). I was under the impression that this was handled differently on the Wii, of course I could be completely wrong, the only thing I’ve used a Wii for is single player games.

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Then if you only use it for single player games why even bother commenting maybe youshould read more into it !!!

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You have a point there sandy, I’m looking into removing my comment.

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I thought it was a case of like other game systems you go into multi-player and host or join there match . Yet people say you need this damn 12 digit code i find it hard to understand why you would need to enter a damned code to join there game . Maybe i am wrong maybe they are all taking Michael.

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No need to be a douche about it, the guy tried to help you. I know the answer, but I’m now significantly more hesitant to help you.

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Explain how i was a douche ? I know the guy tried to help i was just saying how it didn’t help or was i not supposed to do that? !

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@benseven, don’t be harsh, he had a point, though somehow I doubt he took my link seriously…

of course it was meant partially in jest, but seriously. You’re online, it’s a great resource, take advantage of it, with a little careful application of google and wikipedia you can find out nearly anything you want to know in a matter of minutes.

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“Then if you only use it for single player games why even bother commenting maybe youshould read more into it !!!”

This is a googleable question. I searched ‘how to join wii friends online’ and found the Wikipedia Page which clearly explains it. It took me all of five seconds. This guy tried to give you a hand, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, and you had a go at him. He was trying to make the point that you’re being stupid by not using a simple search engine to answer your question.

Ergo, douchebaggery.

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