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You have just completed your 300 page autobiography. Please submit page 200.

Asked by shared3 (921points) April 28th, 2009

Are there any special tips or tricks for this kind of essay question, because I’m having trouble thinking of stuff to write about.

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Well, think of a point two-thirds of the way along your life. Think what age you were then. Try to remember an event from that year, and tell the story. Make it as dramatic as you can, with you the hero!

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Page 200

So then we moved out of state so he couldn’t find us.

Page 201
Chapter 7

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And then I went into therapy and after that, my life got much better.

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“They stared, aghast, as I responded with the only thing that came to mind…”


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“And that’s when I decided I would be Monica Bellucci’s other man.”

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“After digging the grave and, with great effort dragging him into it, I stripped off my clothes and threw them in as I filled it.”

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That’s when I was named “the craigslist killer”

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I returned to my old life, and nobody was the wiser as to where I was going and who I had become. No one but the goat, and she had been sworn to secrecy. I was again safe in my little town down by the river.

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I spent my 96th birthday like all my others – getting sweaty between the sheets with my lover.

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…and so ended my first year of life.

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I’m 37, so page 200 would be 2/3, ie when I was 24.
Back then I was quite famous, but not very happy. I was trying to make it big, my second album had just come out and I thought this was it. I started my own label, making cheap CDs at a time when nobody else even knew what a CD looked like. I was full of dreams and hope for the future. But also fear of failure.

I’d just describe my life back then, my feelings, my aspirations.

I think it’s easy actually.

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