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What color paint would you suggest for the trim of our house?

Asked by theartfuldodger (323points) April 28th, 2009

Here is a photo of the brick color, this isn’t our house.

We don’t want boring trim like white or beige… we are looking for a color that has “pop” and character. I was leaning toward picket fence red, but I dunno.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Well in Galveston, TX there is a Hot Pink House and a rainbow-colored house and both have practically become tourist attractions. I would think Pink trim would “Pop”, right.

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OMG – i’m from galveston :(

and no, I don’t want pink :P

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A nice dark hunter green, perhaps with greyish undertones (to keep it from fading to something too bright if it’s in direct sunlight for a few years), would look great and very wood-cabin like if you have a dark brown roof. If you have conifers around your property, that would look great with it.

….I just realized I’m posting from a computer with an old monitor that represents color poorly (often far too dark), so this could actually be a bad suggestion. :)

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You know, I was thinking of that, but two of our neighbors chose sage green for their trim :(

And we do have lots of trees! :D Only one conifer in the back though :P

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what color is the body?
Edit: I just looked at your link. What i do when picking colors for anything is go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and start picking colors sample papers out that appeal to me. Then I set them all against the thing I am going to paint and start eliminating colors. Eventually I get down to the last two and then struggle with that. Color is SO PERSONAL!

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Blond brick, like in the picture above :D

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@3or4monsters: No no, sage/hunter green is an awesome suggestion, but too many people on the block have it already. If their’s wasn’t what it was, I would do it. I welcome any more suggestions you have :D

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Hmm… then maybe a nice, dark, rich brick red, since your bricks are more of a blond color. :) I don’t know about the gutter spouts coming down the sides though, I might try to get a color that matches the brick, for those. The red vertical lines might make each wall appear smaller.

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OOOOOOoooo, the gutters! I like the deep red suggestion.

sorry I get really excited about these things

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Jay-Z blue pleaseeeeeee

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What color is the roof?

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I was going to suggest brick red also-that would look really nice with your blond brick. I love blond brick homes.

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peach :)

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If you do brick red (which I think would be awesome), you absolutely have to have a brick red door, it will tie it all together.

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usually color looks best on older houses or victorian models. you can have three or four colors on houses that have gables and shutters and porches. if your house is old and has two levels with lots of windows, trim and triangle roofing, you have a great opportunity for lots of color.

go to color scheme sites by “google” to understand color harmony and accents.

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Even if you have decided on “brick red” still go to the paint store and get chips of several different red paints and compare them to your brick. Your birck looks to have a lot of yellow in it, so the red you use should have a trace of orange in its mix rather than a trace of blue in it.

It also looks as though (as is common these days in Texas) you have bricks of several different colors so you could use variations of those different bricks as your base color, and then choose either a darker or lighter hue for the trim and the door. That could lead you to yellows or even oranges.

You also could pick an opposite on the color wheel . That is why green goes well with red, and blue with yellow.

And sometimes you can pick a color that is next to one of your brick colors. If you do that you might be able to use one color for the trim and a second for the doors. If you want to get fancy you could make the garage doors one of the colors with square overlays of the other.

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Thank you everyone! I agree about the door~

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I think I would try a dark color for contrast. Black might be too much, but it might be stunning. And a different color door. I was also thinking maybe a dark, dark blue. The door could be a warm color. Color is always so personal. This is a decision that you will live with for such a long time, I think I might contact a designer for some suggestions. Or go around and see other houses and find one you absolutely love. And you can do that.

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Forest green, heavy on the blue tones.

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