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What is your opinion of Love at First Sight?

Asked by BookReader (417points) April 28th, 2009

Is love at first sight just for those who are compensating deficiencies in their character or station in life or is love at first sight more or less?

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it’ll never measure up to love of two minds experiencing each other

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I thought I had an answer, but then I read the additional information, and now I’m just confused.

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I don’t think someone can fall in love with another person without getting to know that person. “Love at first sight,” to me, is just infatuation.

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Your wording is fuzzy.

I think love at first sight is really just a crush. Maybe the person who falls in love is just the type to fall in love easily.

But I personally believe in “love at first experience”. When I met my husband, I didn’t think much of him. I just walked up to him and asked him what he was reading, chatted for a bit, and went back into the office. Soon after, he asked me on a date. I refused, and he asked again a few days later. I decided to let him wine and dine me, and when we went out, we fell in love on the first date…

…And haven’t been apart for a day ever since.

So, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was love at first experience. We had to experience each other to fall in love. Love at first sight is superficial at best.

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A few times in my life I have, from first sight, been totally nuts for a girl.

Not so much like I “know” I love this person, but like, “wow, she is absolutely beautiful and i MUST get to know her.”

It’s only ever happened to me, maybe 3 times…
Most recently with the girl I’m dating now….

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i don believe in it and totally agree with @Facade.

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”....Yes I’m certian that it happens all the time. Oh I get by with a little help from my friends…

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Lust at first sight, yes…....

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I fell in love with my fiancee the second i laid eyes on her… i immediately had to tell my mother i had just met the girl i was going to marry… it turns out she did the same. Go fig.

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It’s not always lust, though. There are time when you can feel like you passionately need to get to know someone, without wanting them sexually. I think that it happens more with “kindred spirits” rather than romantic partners. The first time I met one of my best friends, I was sure that I loved him.

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I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but a “connection” at first sight. At least that is how it worked for me. When I met my husband, we immediately connected through the eyes. I just had this feeling that I would know him for a long time. That was 18 years ago and we are still together.

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I think attraction at first sight, is what people refer to. I don’t think love is the right word for it. Falling in love, having a big crush, is not the same as love in my book.

I think all love is the same, there is just more or less of it. If there is substance in the relationship, then love will likely prevail. If there are feelings after the first 3 months of “honeymoon” is over, then love is whats left. But all love that is not “gardened” will die, so I would treat all love relationships the same.

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I’ve never experienced love at first sight myself. But honestly it can’t be love, to truly love a person you have to really know them and love and accept them for who they are. You can’t have that love after just seeing a person. Love takes time. I think it is a more of an initial attraction or chemistry, when you intuitively know that you are compatible with someone.

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everybody can make a mistake

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hey… if you don’t believe in love at first sight i can always walk by again ;)

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@Judi: you win! ;^)

My wife claims it was love at first sight with me, but I know better. I’ve seen myself in a mirror.

Perhaps more as @jonsblond describes.

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Love at first sight is possible. But, love at second glance is more probable.

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My guess is that love at first sight is for those who are either very shallow or very good at intuitively judging people based on a casual impression.
But I’m neither, so I can only speculate.

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@cprevite ; now I can’t get that song out of my head!

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It’s a delusion brought on by infatuation.

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I’ve never believed in this until it happened to me, once only. I lived with the man for 4yrs, wonderful years, best relationship I’ve been in by far.

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I think people can feel an instant attraction and lust. I think true love at first sight is not possible, but it is possible to know you are meant to be with someone. i’m a hopeless romantic

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I’m with @jonsblond – a connection at first sight is definitely possible, but I think you have to get to know each other more before it turns into actual love.

I knew the minute I met my husband that he was going to be a huge part of my life. It was a few months before I knew I loved him, though (and about three more years ‘till I knew I was in love with him, but I’m a bit oblivious about things like that…)

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Should be called lust at 1st sight.

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I prefer sex at first touch.

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I fell in love with all three of my husbands from the moment we met. and before you ask, it was the ‘till death do you part’ clause that took the first two . Hubby and I are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year, and still going strong.

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Wow, @YARNLADY. Congratulations to you!

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I was always skeptical until I experienced it. He was walking in while I was walking out… the instant our eyes met, I felt that I had known him my whole life. It wasn’t lust, it wasn’t infatuation, it was a ‘connection’. Having a sense of comfort from that, I was motivated to take social risks I’d never taken before, like introducing myself to him, and looking him up in the phone book (this was a few years ago) and calling him to wish him well the evening before an important event. We did go on to date for a while, but it was the first relationship for each of us after our divorces; so the timing was lousy.

Like others have mentioned, I have had similar (but less intense) experiences with platonic friends – both male and female. Several times in my life I have met someone and instantly ‘clicked’. In fact, just this evening I was wondering about one that I’ve lost touch with.

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If you’re asking why people feel such intense infatuation upon a first glimpse, that answer will vary from person to person. People are attracted to other people for a wide variety of reasons.

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I’ve always figured that phrase had probably once been a figure of speech to comment upon two people who fall in love very quickly. Then Hollywood started using it literally.

That being my theory, I still think you can learn an incredible amount about someone within the first moment of eye contact, but these days, love is such a loaded word, with heavily committal connotations. It’s impossible to know, within the first few minutes of meeting, whether you’ll need a pre-nup with any such person.

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yeah I think some people you can tell right away if there is a connection or chemistry that works. I think this is really what people are talkin about. When I first saw my fiancee I knew she was different than other girls I pass by on the street. Was it love at first site? not literally, but it grew from there.

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It has happened to me once. I imagined how she’d be, and she was exactly like I imagined her. She was crazy about me too. Unfortunately this was back before phones and emails, and a misplaced letter caused a misunderstanding which made us drift apart.

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Once upon a time. We had a new guy start on the job. He came in with an older woman I knew. When I figured she had enough time to get to her desk, I called her ext. and said “OMG who was that? He is so cute”. She said that is my son, do you want to meet him? That was 20 years ago and we are still together. Love at first sight? Not really but close!

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I fell in love, quite suddenly, after several months of dating. One day he was my date; the next, the man I hoped to marry (and did). I don’t know if that experience is usual.

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I dont think I believe in ‘love at 1t site’ its more ‘dayum at 1st site’. When I like someone, looks and body language and eyes are the first things I notice (if i dont really know them) So, its anitional attraction, and maybe later, love

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Bahahahahaha Bahahahahaha! There IS no love at 1st sight only lust. You have no way of knowing how you will communicate, mess, or get along with someone just because they look so fetching across the room at the party or the yard at a BBQ, usually what comes after how hot they look is if you can get to know them well enough to boink them. At that point in the game no one is really wondering what type of ethics, loyalty, or compassion they have. But people try to sew the two together to make the lust look more respectable.

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