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Where can I sell my china?

Asked by SuperMouse (30801points) April 28th, 2009

I have a set of formal china that I want to sell. Stuff like that doesn’t seem to go for much on ebay. Do you know of any more specialized sites where I might be able to sell it?

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Try selling it to the Chinese. They seem to like living there.

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Depending on the brand, pattern and age of your china, you could approach consignment and/or antique shops. You’re right though, china sets don’t bring very good prices unless it’s a really popular pattern that’s out of circulation or the prices are low enough after shipping and all that they are still less than new pieces on sale.

miasmom's avatar I just looked at the FAQ page and it does say they buy from individuals, another option to look into.

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I was going to say too, but @miasmom beat me to it!

They’re a good company, and they’ll probably buy your china from you at a good price (at least I hope they will, ‘cause they certainly sell it at a good price!) My mom’s china pattern was discontinued less than a year after they got married, and she’s been buying more and more pieces from Replacements, Ltd. for almost 30 years…

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Why would people pay more than you see on eBay? I generally look there first when I buy something and I wouldn’t pay more what I find there. The suggestions about are good, but you will only get pennies for it. They pay less than half of what they charge.

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@YARNLADY I was surprised by how little they are offering. I was also surprised by the fact that I am supposed to ship it and wait for them to inspect it and approve it before they send the money. It is still sitting in the pantry in china bags while I contemplate the best way to get top dollar for it.

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@SuperMouse Yes, I was going to mention that part. In fact, you have to pay shipping both ways if they don’t want it. The best way to get top dollar for it is to donate it and use the full replacement value as a tax write off. Mine is going to the kids as part of my estate, and maybe someday their grandkids will be able to sell it for an antique.

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@YARNLADY “The best way to get top dollar for it is to donate it and use the full replacement value as a tax write off.”

Elaborate please…?

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When you donate items to charity and itemize your deductions on your income tax, you used to be able to use the replacement value as the value of the deduction.

There have been recent changes to that, and now you are supposed to only use the re-sale value (the value the charity received) as the amount of your deduction.

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Googling led me to this site Many patterns that they buy they more then replacements ltd. does. Contact them and see what they offer, it’s always good to shop around.

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