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What makes you irrationally angry?

Asked by IBERnineD (7289points) April 28th, 2009

For me it’s getting the hiccups and wind. Either of these makes my temper flare.

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My computer has a way of getting me to shout profanities at it when it acts quirky. It invariably involves a lot of anthropomorphising what I know is just a box of electronics.

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people who drive 10 miles an hour when I’m running 20 minutes late.. hmph ):

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Lack of cookies.

“wind”? – really? That blows.

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@cprevite nice, and yes wind it’s annoying and I can’t read the newspaper outside when it is around!

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Slow drivers…electronic devices…men…My mother nagging me…slow walkers…ect ect ect
I probably need anger management actually…

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Bad drivers. The ones who zig zag in traffic and cut in when there is really not enough room.

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@veronasgirl: And some work on spelling. It’s etc”...short for “et cetera”...and so on.

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when there’s a problem and instead of looking for a solution, people just sit and complain… I can lose my temper big time!

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When people smack and pop gum it makes my blood boil. I can’t stand for people to chomp food either, but the gum smacking makes me want to tear out their throats.

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Pedophilia, people accepting things that are wrong without trying to fix it, liberals

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My frustration level goes through the roof when I am having computer problems.

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Having to deal with stupid people.

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Watching obese people and obese young children at a restaurant with a buffet.

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I still love ya baby!

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James Dobson. Is any explanation really necessary?

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When people use or abuse other people I become outraged.

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When people smoke right outside the door of the place I work. Usually RIGHT in front of the sign that says: NO SMOKING WITHIN 25 FEET OF BUILDING!! Also, people driving slow in the fast lane (that one makes me cuss like a sailor!).

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Getting hit on the head. I can stub my toe without any flash of emotion of any kind, but a little bump on the noggin or, to some extent, my upper back, shoulders, and neck, makes me want to kick a puppy. A large part of this is that most of the times I get hit there occur when I am doing certain juggling tricks, so the pain is accompanied with frustration all in a tight little package. And, as the specific areas indicate, another factor is my inability to see and articulate those parts of my body; so the pain feels instinctively like an external attack rather than the result of my deliberate actions.

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Presenting an opinion as a fact. Presenting an incorrect fact as a true fact. Presenting an incomplete fact as a complete fact.

So, I guess any kind of willful misrepresentation of fact.

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Dogma. Bigotry. Intolerance. People who engage the emergency brake every time they park, regardless of necessity.

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Noise. I’ve found that almost every time I’m angry, it’s due to some kind of sound.

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@petethepothead I’m feel the same. Silence is golden.

and so are grahams

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Slow walkers drive me nuts! Any time I have to go to Times Square or near Macy’s on 34th Street and 8th Ave, it drives me absolutely bonkers.

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@lisaj89 Me too! I HATE it. Now I work in a place where the designated smoking area is adjacent to my office. I’m just waiting for it to cause a problem but so far there has been none. I think they have really good sealant or something.

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For me it is not taking in enough air. I notice that when I am short of breath I get really angry. It takes me awhile to realize whey i’m being irrationally angry. One example is when I’m eating and people try talking to me. It takes up too much of my oxygen to eat and talk at the same time and I start getting frustrated. I do have minor asthma but I think I really don’t breath right…

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@aprilsimnel Some of us enjoy the walk instead of just trying to get somewhere. ;)

@nikipedia Good one!

@petethepothead That one I totally understand!

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@RedPowerLady – Oh, I know. I realize most people are taking in the sights, because they’re big tourist areas. But to be around so many people all at once, I feel hemmed in. I never go to the favourite tourist areas if I don’t have to. I live near the Brooklyn Promenade, and will not go near it at certain times of day or on weekends. Too many people!

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@aprilsimnel I can definitely understand that!

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My anger is always rational. It’s my behavior that isn’t necessarily rational.

I get really, really angry when I get fucked over by a large corporation, and just love to vent my spleen at some poor customer service representative.

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@Kelly27 My roommate gets angry really easily with her computer, she has a mug that says “Will Someone Please Shoot the Computer” With this little crazy guy on it. Oddly enough her name is Kelly too…

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People cracking their joints. It makes me seethe.

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If we’re disregarding the “irrationally” part, I have another one.
As a student, I spend much time in our faculty library. There are often people there who abandon a computer but leave it logged in, and leave their stuff lying around, as a territorial marker showing they’re still “using” it. And then don’t come back for an hour or so.
I think it’s so insufferably selfish. Doubly so if it’s really busy and everyone is looking for a computer to use, and six or eight out of fifteen computers on a floor are “occupied” by people who have been gone for hours.


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I get angry when someone tells me, “It’s your job to (insert illegal or waste of time activity)!” And when they demand to speak to a supervisor when I refuse, then it’s game on :)

I also get angry when people ignore safety procedures. They are in place for a reason, and stupidity on their part inevitably makes it an emergency on my part. Sigh.

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Music infliction, music in public places, music you have to listen to and cannot turn off.

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Threats make me very angry very fast. The big stupid ape part of me takes over and I act like a maniac.

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