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What to do when you still have feelings for your ex-fiance but they already moved on?

Asked by turtlecu15 (4points) April 28th, 2009
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Don’t you have homework to do?

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what do you mean

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no i was just curious

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so you lied to me?

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i had just finished and wondered if i got that question right and i did

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@turtlecu15: Now on to English composition, perhaps?

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What the hell is going on?

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The little boy looked with wonder at the bright red balloon that was just afforded him. It hovered over his face casting a shadow which felt cool in the noon-day sun. It shined and glinted in the sun for the rest of the afternoon, but after a while his hand grew weary from the holding, and when he looked at his balloon it no longer hid his face from the scorching sun, for the sun had moved. And as he walked through the crowd the balloon kept getting snagged on women’s sun hats, and other little boy’s balloon’s.
So he took one last look at the bright red balloon, closed his eyes and let it go. And the moment he did his nose began to close off, and tears began to well in his eyes, So the little boy cried, for he felt the loss, and though his arm was weary, he missed the weight, but his tears would not last long because there was so much more to see at the fair.

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You get over it and move on yourself.

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I am in the same boat——broke up a year ago because of his drinking. We ended upo seeing each other around the holidays. I February, he told me he wanted to be single. He is out having a good time andI am home crying.

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So how to you handle this? I went to Italy for 9 days. Only problem is I had to come back. Same old feeling there.

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