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In your life, have you done something that neither you nor your friends/family/partner ever expected you to do?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) April 28th, 2009

amongst my friends I was the last pick for the marrying/having children life and am now the only one married with 2 kids at 25…what about you? what is something no one ever expected of you…something you never expected of yourself?...I never expected to be so into body modification…or to wonder if the term ‘woman’ applies to me, etc.

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I shunned all military recruiters throughout high school only to join and thrive within that life.

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I welcomed a cat into my house a year again. Now he (Milo) is more respected on Fluther than I could ever be. Why won’t Ben and Andrew let him join? Milocalled has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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Milo…I like that name for a cat.

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@FGS: I also have a 5-yr-old grand nephew named Milo. It gets a bit confusing.

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@gailcalled I try to pick names that aren’t already used :)

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In high school, I was such a good girl. Now, I dye my hair fun colors, am extremely confident and have probably gotten laid more than any of those girls who made disparaging remarks about me. And, yes, to all those people who “accused” me of being bisexual, you were right. Suck it.

Sorry, I hated high school and almost every person I’ve seen after graduation has not believed how much I changed. Yay me!

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My husband , My brother and my kids were all seeing who could burp the loudest. I went on and on about how disgusting they were being. They went on for about an hour. Then I came in the room and screeched the loudest one out they had ever heard!

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Never wanted to get married- was the first to get married
Never wanted children- turned out to be exceptionally fertile
Never wanted anything to do with my family’s choice of business/lifestyle- it’s where I’m going

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I went back to school to work on my masters. They would never admit it, but after a 5 year break after undergrad, they thought I would never, ever go back. I’m glad I did.

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@Likeradar good for you…i, too, want to go back to school…but it’ll prob be 5 years before I do that…

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During summer break from college, I ran off and married a high school dropout who was two years younger than I.

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Skydive, mountain climb, hiking into the woods to find places to primitive camp. None of that is how they saw me. I’m practical. I’m the one to really weigh my decisions. I knew if I just told my parents I willingly jumped from a plane – that was not going down, it wasn’t on fire, I was not in danger….I had to sit them down, pop in the video tape and show them my dive.

My dad laughed. He thought it was great. My mom, she wouldn’t talk to me! She was so angry I did something so dangerous. She got over it, but she still questions what the heck was going through my mind. :)

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@YARNLADY: Are you still married?

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My parents never spoke to me of their expectations, so I have no idea if anything I’ve done was unexpected or expected.

On the other hand, I’m not sure my wife expected me to be mentally ill. I know I didn’t.

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Nobody thought I was going to go to Iceland this summer. Or ever.

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Yes, I have.

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@gailcalled my first husband died just before our first anniversary, just after the birth of our son

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Yep, become student body president of my community college. Nobody saw that coming. ;)

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Yes. I got a divorce.

@YARNLADY That’s so sad… I’m sorry you had to go through that.

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So far in my life, no one expected me to go badly on my exams last year, and no one expected me to dye my hair this year. Not very exciting, sorry.

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@Simone me too, though I think it was unfair. I always loved kids and so for me it was natural that I’d try and get married and be a good husband and father. I still believe that, despite my divorce, I was both, and what happened had nothing to do with the way I behaved (I know this sounds pretentious, but people who know me would agree that I did do my best). I have a friend who was also the “marrying type” and did her best as a wife and mother, yet somehow managed to have one divorce and an unhappy second marriage too.

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Yes. I got married.

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