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How do you feel about airlines allowing empty seats in first class being given to service members originally in coach?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 28th, 2009

I was on four flights over the last three days with Delta that placed service members in unbooked first class seats from coach. I try to stay inconspicuous when I fly but seeing this makes me want to travel in uniform from now on.

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I think it is a nice idea. But I do think they could be leaving some very important people out if they are only choosing people in uniform. You know what, you could probably discretely mention something to an airline attendant if you want the seats.

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I feel great about it.
These people volunteered to sacrifice their life to help others (although some may have a differing opinion on what people who enlist are actually doing). They should absolutely be given extra little perks. Why the heck not?

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I think it’s a wonderful idea. They deserve it, & if the seat’s empty anyway, what better way to fill them. Finally, a corporation using their heads & hearts. GO DELTA!!!

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@red power lady I thought about and almost tried that today but I kind of felt like I was “me too-ing” it, so I relented and sat quietly in my damnably cramped window seat.

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Bravo for a company that respects hard work and sacrifice!

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@ all I does feel nice to have a company recognize us :)

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Excellent idea. All airlines should adopt this practice.

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They should always fly first class. IMO

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You have my personal thanks as well.

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Ditto @tjniels. No matter what my opinion is on the war, you are making an incredible sacrifice. Thank you.

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@FGS You know what I was going to provide an example of what to say but I just don’t know how to word it so that it sounds appropriate and not self serving. Maybe someone can help us think of something?? But you definitely deserve the perks. Perhaps in the beginning you can casually mention how nice it is to be “off duty” or something of that nature when talking to a stewardess. I definitely see several reasons you wouldn’t want to fly in uniform.

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I’m alright with it although I think first class as a concept is prejudicial and unnecessary, why not make all the seats and service nice? Must we always promote the wealthy?

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That’s what Jet Blue is for, if I recall correctly they have nice seats for everyone.

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You could say “first class” promotes the poor… The wealthy burn their money having a fancy seat, and when the rest of us get there we saved a few hundred bucks! Sorry, I guess I’m off topic now.

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I agree. Just another benefit of capitalism I suppose.

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@ All I expected to catch a grip ‘o crap from this question…I became used to it on another site I uninhabited. It really brings a smile to my face that you all say the things you do! Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart!!

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@FGS We respect our service members here on fluther. You deserve no less.

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@FGS: We can debate the merits of the war and still respect servicemen such as yourself. It’s called being civil. I’m sorry the folks on that other site weren’t.

I think it’s a great way to fill an empty seat. More comfy than the inside of a tank I’d imagine.

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I’m fine with it. Those seats usually get filled by anyone who requests them if they’re still unfilled right before takeoff so someone who has willingly taken up a responsibility I haven’t is welcome to those seats ahead of me.

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I would love to see them get the seats in the first place, without having to pay the first class, price. They should get the seats – it’s the least that can be done to send them a “thank you for your service and sacrifice!”

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I thought is was just normal, and welcome, procedure on airlines. I’ve seen it done for years.

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Fine with me.

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I think it’s great. Those folks willingly put themselves in harm’s way and endure some uncomfortable accomodations while deployed.. as far as I see it, they deserve it.

It surprises me that the airline doing it is Delta. They seriously have the worst customer service of any airline I have ever flown. I had a hellacious experience with them, got hung up on by an agent while calling to enquire about my lost baggage, had to fight for months to get a double charge refunded, and STILL have not received the refunds and voucher they promised. As much as I applaud the action, I would caution everyone not to fly Delta unless you like flying an airline that doesn’t give a crap about their customers.

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I think it’s fabulous. Thanks for your service FGS.

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I like it when we give service men any favors… if I learn that someone has served in the military, I instantly have some respect for that person even if they are a stranger or someone that I didn’t like before.

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