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Where to go in Grand Canyon?

Asked by Lambaek (7points) April 28th, 2009

My friend and I are going to Grand Canyon. We are driving in a rental car from Las Vegas. We are camping one night, and going back to Las Vegas the day after.
Where should we go to? North Rim or what would you recommend?

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I’ve never camped there but the North Rim is beautiful. The drive from Vegas is also spectacular.

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I also recommend the north rim. The south rim is great but more crowded. The south rim is a bit higher, so viewing from the north you’ll have the most breathtaking views IMO. I’ve also heard there’s a building they built a couple years back on one of the Indian reservations that extends over the canyon & has a glass floor for viewing. If you don’t have a weak stomach, find that place. It’s probably $10 or so to enter the building, but when I visit the Grand Canyon again, I hope to find that place, it would be cool.

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Check this out——> Way cool

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Definitely check out the glass sky walk.. and like @Jayne said.. go DOWN. Don’t be content to just witness the view from above. Take a trip to the bottom and see what far fewer people take the time to see.

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big fan of going down

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