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What is your favorite feature of the type of people you're attracted to?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) April 28th, 2009

Physical, mental, and/or emotional.

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nice eyes, great sense of humor, geeky.

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Physically – With no hesitation or conflict in my mind whatsoever.. their eyes.
Mentally – Wit. The ability to be jovial, whimsical.
Emotional – Someone who is emotional at the right times.. not just emotional at all times.

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A good brain that has seen a lot of use.

A sense of humor of a slightly British sort is a plus.

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I love smoldering and sexy eyes

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I love someone with a good sense of humor and nice hands.

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Gorgeous eyes, intelligence, kind heart and I lurve a girl who can bring the funny.

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Easy to talk to.

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A sense of humor is vital.

Possesing the rare and precious trait of not having to speak constantly. Silence is not a bad thing.

Honest and with interests similar to my own.

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@Dog I thought that middle one was a myth.. otherwise I might have added it as well. xD

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@SeventhSense Oh yes, I quite like her.

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@NaturalMineralWater It is not a myth at all. I am fortunate to have a handful of such friends.

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A twisted sense of humor.

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A great smile, makes me laugh, and gets my sense of humor, and for some reason when a guy wears a baseball cap it really turns me on

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@Dog I would love to meet these mythical creatures. Were it not for distance and the ambiguity of the internet I’d buy them all a beer.

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@sjmc1989 I’m actually wearing a baseball cap right now.

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I don’t have a type, but I love statuesque men. Tall, built, etc.

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Someone with kind eyes who is honest, witty, smart, and good at teasing me just the right amount melts my heart. :) But that’s for guys. edited- OH! And someone who asks a good amount of questions about me and actually listens to the answers.

For a girl (in friendships) I’m really attracted to people who laugh a lot, are witty, and who speak their minds it helps if I agree with them.

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Height (someone taller than me ;) Sense of humor/honesty, someone who is not afraid to let emotions show.

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<——-6’ 2” USDA Prime

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@boots well you are on your way to being the man of my dreams. How about that smile??

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Would you think I’m weird if I said….her shoulders?....I really like her collar bone/shoulders/neck area…...

@boots Me too….it’s a Coca-Cola cap I got from Epcot….the girl likes it (not many hats she likes on me…)

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Usually it’s a twinkle in their eye… a gleam that hints that there’s a lot going on in there.

Otherwise, my favorite physical features have been different for each person.

I am attracted to creative people… I am not particularly creative and I am in awe of those who have the ability to come up with a concept and have developed the skills to see it to fruition.

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@Shuttle128 Not weird in the least. I agree.. though.. strangely I’m now thinking about vampires.

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@NaturalMineralWater: I am one of those who is comfortable with silence. (I prefer Guinness on tap)

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The most attractive feature has been their ability to sell me on their confidence (not arrogance) and interest in me with no intimidation.

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Oh, and, I do love a lady with dark hair/eyes..

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It’s kind of hard to describe [the physical part], but it’s kind of this innocent, just cute look that’s very apparent in my friend that I like. And yes, like everyone else, the eyes are a big part of it, but that’s not all. It’s a combination of all the facial features that work together to create that kind of adorable innocent look that I love.

As for the mental and emotional, I love cleverness and wittiness and a sense of humor, but I really like it when it goes along with being very nice. (This is also characteristic of that same friend—he’s nice to everyone, just an overall sweetheart). It kind of goes along with the whole “innocent” thing that comes off in him. So again, hard to single out one specific thing, because the things work together.

@sjmc1989 I’m turned on by guys in baseball caps too. ^_^

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@hearkat Just so long as it’s a comfortable silence not an awkward one, I’m in. XD Here’s your Guinness. I’ll have a Black n Tan myself.

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Would you think I’m weird if I said….her shoulders?....
umm….no that’s….um a perfectly…normal…awkward

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@Dansedescygnes Good Im not the only one Im especially turned on when its a team logo cap. Weird I Know!

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@NaturalMineralWater Mmmmmm Guinness….I’ll take one too.

I am a quiet guy and my girl likes that about me. I only speak when I have something worth saying….it just doesn’t seem right any other way.

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@NaturalMineralWater: as I said, I’m comfortable with silence… whether you find it awkward or not is your issue. :-D

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You just like guys who are good typers writers.

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@Shuttle128 & @hearkat Hear hear! Or is it… here here… bah… SALUTE!

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Gorgeous eyes, intelligence, a calm confidence, a dry sense of humor. Oh, and floppy hair.

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apparently my ‘type’ is european stoners. the last 3 i’ve been interested are all from different countries in europe, and the last 2 have been complete stoners with beautiful hair and really gorgeous smiles.

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A very similar sense of humor to mine, dark haired, and GLASSES!!!! ... my fiance has 20/20 vision though, so I window shop the spectacled gentlemen. But I love glasses.

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I love my husband’s laugh lines. Actually, I loved them right away! I can look at his face and see the physical proof that he loves to smile and laugh and when he does, he doesn’t hold back.

The really important parts. I love someone that enjoys learning, has a quick wit and is compassionate.

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@3or4monsters Interesting that many people go out of their way to hide their glasses .. unwittingly removing themselves from your window-shopping menu. If only they knew. xD

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@3or4monsters – My husband prefers glasses. He loves when I wear them, more than when I wear my contacts. It’s just his thing.

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@3or4monsters: I find people look better with glasses, too! My theory is that it is due to nearly everyone around me during my impressionable early childhood wearing them, so it looks ‘normal’ to me.

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@3or4monsters I’m the same way. Glasses are sexy.

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Actually everybody looks better to me when I have my glasses on

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I like them quirky and awkward. Haha.

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@SeventhSense She is attractive, there’s no doubt about that – I think she made politics interesting for some of the men my husband works with. I have a pair of nerdy glasses that he loves. They are the funky black kind, those just are it, for him. I have a four pairs. I get bored wearing the same ones, day in and day out. Keeps the man on his toes!

@Darwin – hehehe!! lurve!

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it’s a bit like the questioner’s name, but with a different letter somewhere…

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Outgoing, sensitive and humorous.

A nice smile and ass doesn’t hurt. ;)

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A nice smile and ass doesn’t hurt
No it doesn’t…

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Feminine without being high maintenance. (Threading the needle)

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i love people too much to decide! mmmmmm

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She has to be smart, and she needs to have a perfect neck.

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Intelligence and a sense of humor are tops; insightfulness and kindness pretty high up there. Playfulness and a sense of whimsy are also very attractive to me.

As far as physical, George Clooney would do, but my husband almost has him beat. I love to see him come walking through the front door!

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Honesty. I need them to be honest. Too many times have I been hurt because of twisted webs of deceit created for their own protection.

TALL. I’m above average height for my age and have dated those the same height as me. It tends to present a multitude of awkward situations if they’re not at least a couple of inches taller.

Independent. He absolutely must be able to form his own opinions and think for himself, to take some initiative and do things without being told.

Chivalric. There’s nothing I find more attractive than a guy who opens doors for not only his lady, but the group of women coming in behind them, insists on carrying her bags, and exhibits the utmost of respect for her in every manner.

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@FGS ditto and sultry open minded ladies.

Both sexes have to be self sufficeint and reliable.

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You didn’t list yours, boots….

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@DREW_R True that!!!

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I like dark hair with light eyes.
A cute butt.
A pretty smile.
And a kind demeanor.

You didn’t list yours either, Jeanna…

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@boots Oh get a room!!! ;)

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nice eyes and smile, great sense of humor, and easy to talk to about anything, and a good backscratcher. Hmmm, sounds like my husband, lol.

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I love nice teeth. Oh..and long hair on guys is hot.

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I like it all… as long as they are complete FREAKS!

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