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Is there something you carry on your person at all times? What is it?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) April 28th, 2009

This is a recycled question. I believe it was asked by the now fluther user, Amoebic :)

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I was going to say wallet but… really the only thing that I carry with me at all times is my wedding ring.

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Dental floss-gotta have it with me at all times. It drives me nuts if I have food caught in my teeth. And probably like everyone else-my phone.

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Portable hard drive

if you really mean all times, then just “Penis”.

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My truck key, so my son can’t steal it. He first tried when he was three and snuck it out of my husband’s pocket while he was napping. He is now 14 and still convinced that I won’t let him drive because I am mean, not that the state has anything to do with it.

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gum and anti-bacterial hand gel

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I’m gonna have to go with wedding band as well.

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I never fail to bring my modesty along either.

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Phone, car keys, purse (optional), hair tie (necessity)

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I always have my purse and it’s contents whenever I leave the house.

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My wallet since it also has my keys on it.

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All pockets are always full.

Front left – keys
Front right – cell phone
Back left – pocket Constitution
Back right – wallet

I don’t leave the house without any of these things.

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My brain….I would say something normal like my keys or my phone, but I forget those a lot.

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Glasses. Wedding ring. Watch.

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lurve lurve lurve @lefteh for “pocket constitution”. We should all have them tattooed to our left forearms.

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A purse with my cell, keys, Purell, I.D., cash and Carmex.

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Well, when clothed….

Front Left—keys
Front Right—Cellphone, Wallet, at least 75 cents (weird habit)

I always have on my titanium wedding band on my right ring finger and I always wear a brown braided bracelet on my right wrist (my girlfriend made it for me before I left for college out of state).

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Toothbrush & paste
Writing pen

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Nope. When I go to the bathroom at work I usually do not take anything with me, even things that I always have otherwise: cell phone, asthma spray, ID and ATM card. I’d say my glasses, but that seems iffy.

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there are some things i carry often, but nothing i carry all the time.
i don’t even always have shoes with me

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I always have chapstick/lip balm

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My confidence.

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@lefteh major lurve!

Wedding band and engagement ring, cell phone and keys. Those things are always either on my person or in my pockets. If you count my purse, there really isn’t a lot more in there – my wallet: emergency cash, atm card, credit card. Lip gloss, Leatherman multi-tool.

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Wallet, keys, cheap cell phone. Clothes?

When I’m walking somewhere/running/driving – iPod touch.

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Phone and Wallet always, iPod sometimes.

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I love not having anything on me, because I don’t have to worry about losing anything. I always carry as little as possible. If I’m driving someplace I keep my phone, license, cash, and keys (except my car key, which goes in the tight little pocket in my jeans) in the car. If I’m walking and I remember I’ll bring my phone (I don’t usually remember, and I don’t usually need it) and anything else I might need.

Last summer I spent a lot of time roaming around, sleeping random places, and generally not needing to have anything on me. Everything I had was just something to lose. I stopped carrying a wallet then. It was nice not having that weight in my back pocket. I never went back to carrying one.

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I normally carry the obvious things:

I also have 5 dollars in the soles of every pair of shoes I own, even in my flipflops (this adds up to about 60 bucks). A writing utensil, generally a sharpie. Things I almost always have are:
Chap stick
Head phones
Piece of blank paper
Matches/lighter (I don’t smoke)
And I normally have a fire cracker or two (saved me from getting mugged once)

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@Deathcabforhottie how do you manage the money in the flipflops?

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Besides the obvious of keys, wallet, phone…. a swiss army knife. I lived 26 years without one and wonder what the hell I was thinking, I should have been carrying one since I was 5.

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@cakDuct tape comes to mind.

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I had nothing to do one day so I made a small compartment in them.

Speaking of which I now put a condom in with the 5 ever since I was in hawii. (never know when beach sex will come about)

Deathcabforhottie's avatar

Nope just MacAwesome. Haha

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@Deathcabforhottie – Well, aren’t you the optimist! Or perhaps just a real Boy Scout Be Prepared

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@lefteh so weird, my exboyfriend’s like that as well—he has specific pockets for each specific item. I swear his wallet is going to fall out of his pocket one day it’s so worn out!

As for me it’d have to be my water bottle. Chapstick, wallet, and keys, too.

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—well I’m thinking….MacGruber

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Well I’ll get to replying right after a nice sip of pepsi…

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@lefteh @aviona

I’m similar to you. I keep my phone and papers (money, ect) in my left front pocket, my keys and lighter in my front right pocket, and my wallet in my back right pocket. I sometimes have a cool cup in my back left pocket.

I’m short a pocket constitution. I should really get one…

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@Deathcabforhottie I bow to your greatness. I can honestly say I would have never thought about making a compartment in my flipflops.

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I carry my wallet on me and more importantly to me inside my wallet is a piece of black canvas that my uncle painted “everything you do, you do to everything”. I really don’t go anywhere without that.
Other than that, I tend to freak out when I don’t have one very specific necklace on (if I can’t wear it, it’s in my pocket)

and I carry an elf in my pocket (a plastic elf, about the height of a quarter, but not 24/7 anymore because i’ve come too close to losing him a few times and I would freak out if I lost him.

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“everything you do, you do to everything”.
thanks for that

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@SeventhSense words to always remember. :)

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Cell phone, wallet (with cash, credit card, debit card, ID, apartment key, school ID), bra.

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My passport.

You never know.

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my mobile, which serves as a watch and camera, but mainly as a telephone of course, and has all those numbers (and other info) stored that I’d never remember. I’d be lost without it.

my wallet with just a bit of cash and an ID

my keys

my glasses

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My phone is the only thing that I make sure I ALWAYS have nearby.

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My glasses!

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ON YOUR PERSON…as the question asks…watch, wedding rings, cell phone in my jeans pocket at all times. Even my dress pants & shorts in the summer have pockets for my cell. I’m never without it.

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squirrels wear pants?

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@cprevite wellll…..only when necessary. ’-)

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Wallet and keys.

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baboon repellent

wundayatta's avatar

balloon repellant

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@daloon Why would you want to repel balloons?! They’re so nice and harmless.

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daloon’s balloon repellent snatched by the baboon..

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I need to start carrying daloon repellent.

jk daloon.

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@boots My girlfriend is deathly afraid of balloons for some reason… would be damn helpful at birthday parties.

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Balloon repellent: a cat held on an insulating rod some feet away from the body, wired to a sock that drags along any nearby carpet. Soon available at convenience stores near you. Works best on dry winter days.

Baboon repellent: a cat held on a stiff leash some feet away from the body, infuriated at being held on a leash some feet away from the body and willing to attack anything that comes near for this reason. May also work as balloon repellent.

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@petethepothead: I think I need some of that myself!

Jeez. @petethepothead gets lurve for his joke (which I think is funny), and I don’t get any for mine? I’m gonna go eat worms!

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Well, I tried to be nice and avoid the daloon repellent joke which was my first instinct and where does it get me?...robbed by a stoned more mr.nice guy :)~

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@SeventhSense: Here’s some lurve.

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In all cases, wearing:
wedding ring

If I am dressed (i.e., not in nightgown and robe):
pens, several, in different colors
pocket knife
a wrapped cough drop
a LED light
pocket change
a few special coins
something to write on, even if it’s only a receipt or someone’s business card

If I am leaving the house:
add cellphone and purse

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@Jeruba LOLLL…You must have built in kangaroo pockets!

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<—- Unlike Her Majesty there, I usually wear 5-pocket jeans, and I don’t like to go far without being prepared for sneezing emergencies, writing emergencies, and cutting emergencies, all of which arise pretty often. The only one of those items that I don’t use all the time is the cough drop, but when I need it, I really need it. (The special coins are like talismans, and the others are just loose change.)

The nurse in the doctor’s office is always amazed when I empty my pockets before weighing.

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@Jeruba Yes, they say your shoes, clothes, etc. add extra weight. Dump those pockets, girl!

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@jbfletcherfan HEHE part I won’t tell. >:)

My mind, 3 different pocket knives, wedding band,...

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My glasses. If I take them off I can’t find them unless I am wearing them, which I wouldn’t be since I took them off. Hence, on my person at all times.

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My hands. And stuff.

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I always wear cargo pants, which allow me to pack a handy assortment of items around at all times. In my right pocket go my cell phone, iPod, earbuds, and a few pens. In my left I carry my keys, my wallet, and a Leatherman pocket knife. In my left side pocket I carry a pack of tissues, my glasses, and a second glasses case which I use to carry a snack bar for when I can’t get food. My right is mostly reserved for a metal water bottle. The remaining space (which is copious) is reserved for the items of the day.

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@Jayne You sound like Harpo’s son not Harp’s! :)

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Holy Swiss Army pants Batman!

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I really don’t get why people wear jeans and not cargo pants. Cargo pants: less constricting, tougher, and extremely practically for carrying things. Jeans: they tear in an interesting fashion. Come on, guys, let’s start a revolution.

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I hate things in my pockets and try to eliminate all clutter from my pants. I don’t even carry a wallet but just grab a card and some cash from the car.

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@Jayne I’m there!!!

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By way of reviving an old but potentially interesting question, my answer has changed only to this extent: that I now carry my cellphone with me even around the house, and park it by the bed when I turn in. I used to turn it on only when I left the house. Circumstances have changed, and so I remain reachable at all times except when prohibited (such as at the opera).

Few but family members have the number. We still have a landline. Being able to reach a household still makes sense to me.

Oh, and I also now carry with me a few keys that I used to be comfortable leaving around.

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