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Anyone have tips on giving good hickies ?

Asked by FrankHebusSmith (4319points) April 28th, 2009

I’ve never been “that” good at giving a hickey. I can give one that’ll last for MAYBE 5 or 6 days, but it fades quickly (1–3 days). I’ve seen some people are able to give them like tattoos on peoples necks.

I just want to be able to give this girl I know a really good hickey on her stomach or other covered parts…..


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I didn’t know they were desirable. But I do recall a guy just sucking the shit out of my neck lol. It lasted for a week. And it was purple. Very visible.

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It has to do with oral suction. You need to practice sucking, then you can suck just fine.

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Too clarify, I don’t want to put them on her neck or in any other easily visible spot.

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Oh…not on the neck? Listen to @Darwin. I just was never a big fan of hickies…anywhere. She’s right, though.

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While you’re sucking on her skin, rub your tongue on it, and bite it a little.

This works because hickies are like miniature bruises. They don’t typically break actual veins or arteries, just capillaries, which is why they don’t hurt like a bruise does. So when you’re sucking on someone’s flesh, it puts pressure on the capillaries, when you rub them, it puts even more pressure.

I don’t know if you can really make them last longer than a week though. The human body has an incredibly facility for healing itself.

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Yah. It’s a seriously long preparation, though. It involves hashish and celery, so I’m not sure you really want to go through with this, but, well…

Five spider legs. Three stalks celery. Two oz hashish. Frozen daquiri mix. Ice. Half a can of coke. Rubbing alcohol.

So, mix all the above ingredients in a blender. No. Wait. Not the rubbing alcohol.

Blend it up good. Then prepare hickie-ee in your favorite fashion, and when she is lying on the bed, stomach exposed, you rub the desired spot with rubbing alcohol (this brings the capillaries closer to the surface, thus facilitating hickyization.

When ready, take a big gulp of the drink. Quickly glom your lips on the hicky spot. The drink will make you suck like an industrial strength vacuum. The hashish will keep you from vomiting (not a good impression, that). The whole thing will result in a hicky that will last for at least 13 days, and may be bright enough to be seen through a white chemise.

Jeez, dude! What did you expect? Kiss her, you fool!

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Suck long and hard. That’s all it takes.

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I once dated a guy who suffered from insufficient oral suction. It was a tragic case.

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@Darwin, maybe he was on the wrong setting, you know guys can suck harder if you give their marbles a squeeze, right?

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I have no advise sorry…but why exactly would you want to give anyone a hickie? I don’t see why they would be anything but a burden (esp. if you have to explain them to your boss/parent etc)

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Dude…don’t do that. They’re literally bruises, they’re painful to the touch. Why would you want to knowingly and willingly subject her to that?

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I always found them painful to receive.

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Here’s my tip: don’t give hickies. They are trashy!

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Hmm, I don’t know… I kind of like the sensation of getting a hickey (though it’s been years). Does that make me a freak?

Suck long, gently but steadily. Don’t put it any place visible, and don’t do it at all unless she wants you to.

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@augustlan No you’re not a freak, and I agree that they can be okay as long as your boss isn’t going to see it on your neck tomorrow morning!

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Why would you want to bruise someone you care about in sucha a manner? That seems like abuse. Are you afraid she’ll leave you? Just treat her right and skip the hickey idea.

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This will do the trick.

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To suck too hard could make internal bleeding, since a bruise is burst blood vessels .
But you do want to suck as hard as you can and bite it a little, be prepared for loss of suction and to here a raspberry .

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Who the fuck likes getting a hickey?

Are you thirteen?

@sandystrachan: Internal bleeding is not a bruise. You can not cause internal bleeding by sucking on a thigh.

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@adreamofautumn: A hickey is not a bruise, they look and feel completely different.

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it is one thing to use sucking action for sexual pleasure, but there is no point in purposefully leaving a mark. (i guess unless she asked for a mark to be left)

if one shows up, then it shows up and you just have to wait for it to go away. why does it matter if the mark is “only” there for a few days as opposed to a week?

i mean a hickey is a hickey. it is going to go away no matter what, so why does it matter how long it is there for??

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They’re gross, I don’t think she’s going to like it as much as u think she will

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you guys are being really judgemental.

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@Lothloriengaladriel funny that you say that, yet you die to give me one so no other girls will look at me!

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Hickeys are trashy.

@daloon: Holy crap, did you take a college course in hickeys?

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Did everyone miss the part about me not wanting to give them to her in visible locations, hence avoiding the trashy aspect?

I suggest reading posts that proceed yours.

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@westy81585 – The big question is whether she wants you to give her hickeys. If she does then pursue the attempt to make the perfect hickey. If she doesn’t (or you have never asked her) then this may be a pointless skill set.

Personally, I have never liked ending up with a hickey, but à chacun son goût.

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@ubersiren: College? No. Wiccan? Well, I’m just not sayin’? Ya know?

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Hickies are very old school & childish. What purpose do they have? To make a mark on your skin to show people that you were physically that close to someone? I’d say forget it & grow up!

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I give epic hickey’s. well, I have in the past haha. I think it has more to do with the person receiving the hickey, and their skin and how it reacts to being sucked on.

I got one so bad, that I couldn’t move my neck. It was gigantic and gross. i was really drunk and don’t remember getting it My husband gets the really easily, I do it to mess with him…never on his neck lol

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oh no! no no no don’t do this. Not cute!

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don’t do that… honestly, tell me the difference between that and a dog pissing on a tree?

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….................. Ok seriously people, read the other posts. I’M NOT GOING TO GIVE HER A HICKEY ON THE NECK

It’s a playful thing, giving them to one another in NONE VISIBLE locations.

And anyways I DIDN’T ASK WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT…. I asked if you had any tips on giving them.

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The big question is still whether she wants you to give her hickeys? Does she?

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@Darwin I appreciate your concern, but actually that’s NOT the question. The question, is whether or not you have tips on HOW to give hickeys. Not whether or not they’re trashy, or childish, or whatever, or if she wants them (which I assure you, I’ve checked and she’s fine with it).

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but have you tried the dyson?

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Hickies are meannnnn.

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@asmonet you’re right they’re not exactly a bruise, but i’m fairly sure they are caused by broken blood vessels beneath the skin just like a bruise is. It’s possible I am making that up though, **shrugs**

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Okay, I get it. You don’t want to give them in visible locations. Has she told you she wished you gave better hickeys? I don’t think women like them, especially in sensitive areas.

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yeah I’m just curious why you want to give her a mondo one so badly.

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@westy81585 – It isn’t your question, but it is the big question. Can you just answer it, please?

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@Darwin Well I don’t think she’d lose sleep over me not giving them to her, but we’ve had fun exchanging them thus far….

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but why do you want them to last a long time? the point is to have a good time in bed. what is all this “5 to 6 days” talk??? if they stay they stay, if not oh well, at least you had some sex…

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Try an industrial strength vacuum cleaner, they have pretty good suction and they don’t get tired.

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I heard plungers do the job well… take one of those bad boys to her tummy.

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dont give her one. they are so horrible and look totaly gross!

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hahahaha didn’t you ever get into hickey fights? where you wrestle all over the place trying to give each other the worser hickey!!

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hickeys suck no pun intended, the human equivalent to pissing on a tree…

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@daloon how the hell do you know that… its scary as shit

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@pterodactylover808 I consort with the elves who inhabit the interstices between urban architecture and alternate worlds. They pass on their recipes to me in return for… well, I can’t reveal that. Let’s just say that it is not a generally accepted practice. There is a tiny problem in that I do not have good Elvish, and I am not always sure I get the ingredients list correct.

Once, what I thought was a recipe for chasing away hornets turned out to be a charm to make your house welcoming for the holidays. You can imagine the problems that caused!

@pterodactylover808 Please don’t tell anyone about the elves. They already think I’m a bit cuckoo around here.

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