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Is anyone else as annoyed as I am everytime Adam Lambert sings?

Asked by goose756 (655points) April 28th, 2009

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think he is that talented. He can sing a little bit, but for the most part its just that really weird yelling thing he does. I think the only reason he is in the position he is in the competition is because of his looks. If some really gumpy 18 year old with pimples had that same voice would they do as well? I just don’t get what all the hype is about. Your thoughts?

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I totally agree!!!

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Huh. I watched American Idol for the first time all season tonight and he was the only one who impressed me at all.

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My thoughts are that anyone who cannot see how talented he is does not know as much as they think they know about music. I discount everything Paula says, but Randy, Kara, and Simon are respected opinions in the music industry that know their stuff. If you continually disagree with all three of them (they all love Adam) then that should tell you something!

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I personally love him. Mostly because my friends and I now have a new saying thanks to him.

We will say something, for example, “Wow”, then we say, “Or as Adam Lambert would say…ooooooWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW”<—-this is done in his trademark falsetto. We do it for everything now.

As for his singing I think he is incredibly talented!

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I get annoyed that they are still competing. He’s already won people. Are another ten episodes really necessary?

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I think he is extremely talented. A little theatrical to be sure, but his voice is pretty damn amazing. My husband was saying tonight that he reminds him of Freddie Mercury… both his voice, and his ability to turn a song into a story.

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@alossforwords Are there really 10 left? 5 contestants left = 5 shows left, right?

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5 contestants = 4 shows, 4 eliminations… I don’t know. The moral of the story was: It’s been over since Adam decided to try out.

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I gotcha. And I agree 100% !!!!!!!!!

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He is, imho, hands down, the most brilliant singer of his generation, A.I. or not, bar-none.

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Adam has incredible technical skill and is without a doubt very talented. But I wouldn’t want to drive around and hear his music on the radio. Mainly because he is a performer and I have yet to hear him do something commercial. Frankly, last night I felt like I was watching a drag act – just as theatrical. I could just imagine him coming down the stairs in a gown and gloves. I wish him all the best to have a successful career on Broadway but let’s see Gokey, Allison, or Matt as the Idol! ...just one’s opinion.

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To be fair, the song he picked for last night is the sort of song you can’t just sing. It has to be performed. And… that’s what he did.

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Huh. I just looked him up (I don’t watch much TV) and in the two YouTube clips I saw, he sang Dust In The Wind and Crazy at a cabaret. He’s got a great voice, but those two songs didn’t suit him. He’s a Broadway singer, not a pop singer. Two different beasts. Pop singing, I feel, is a more intimate form of performance. This young man’s voice projects very much outward, which I imagine works well on a show like A.I., but on recordings, it’d be too much.

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I love his singing and will be buying his album (along with some of the other Top Five).

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@kraka That’s exactly how I feel. I just don’t see myself listening to him on the radio. I think that Adam could have an amazing career on Broadway, but that’s about it. Allison is a rocker, Gokey and Matt are more pop, and Kris is like a Jack Johnson. Now those four I would listen to.

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yeah he trys way to hard to be cool and anooys the hell out of me.

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@kraka and @aprilsimnel This is what I mean.. he says hes more of a theatrical broadway guy, which is exactly what his voice sounds like. I’m with you though, I could never ever listen to him on the radio though without feeling the needs to slam my head into the steering wheel. It’s too much. @jonsblond I think you hit it with the other four.. they are much better suited for what the competition is actually about.

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his voice doesn’t bother me as much as the love-fest he receives from the judges each week! Even if he’s great each week and on form – can’t they give him some constructive criticism? Even Jamie Foxx fed the flame!

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@BBSDTfamily It’s not about understanding the music, because you can still understand it and not enjoy it.

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@kraka I disagree: have you heard his singles? They were studio-tailor-made and very dif. from the AI live versions – toned down, yet enabling his vocal abilities, I liken to a Mariah Carey – she also went a bit nuts and over-dramatic when performing live once-upon-a-time – it is, after all, American Idol – and he is from the Theatre.

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i’m a singer and i can say that what he does is incredibly technically difficult. he has really amazing range in terms of octaves, and a lot of emotional range too, he’s done some really sweet toned-down stuff, as well as the crazy over the top rock pagentry. i think he’ll be an entertaining rock star, he’s got depth, he’s got amazing energy, and he’s totally captivating. still, i can see how some people wouldn’t like him, sometimes he gets so into his wailing it is just too much. but it’s impressive. i can’t imagine him not winning.

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Kris’ version of Ain’t No Sunshine is beautiful. I would buy that, for sure!

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@augustlan I like a guy that doesn’t wear eye liner! and plays an instrument or two.

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I think he’s horrendous and can’t do anything well. It makes me sick to think of how he butchered Fiyero when he joined up with Wicked.

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I think he’s incredibly talented and handsome and the next best entertaining singer since Elvis!
His birthday is this Friday, January 29, 1982. Happy Birthday Adam!

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