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What is the average A/C bill for a 4,000 sq/ft home?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) April 28th, 2009

We keep ours on about 69–71 degrees. Our first summer here is coming up and just wondering what to prepare for! Lol!

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It’s very difficult to answer. In an area like ours, where we have up to a dozen days over 100 degrees, and few nights that high, it would be less than the same number of days plus nights at over 100 (like Palm Springs). Your profile gives no clue.

It also varies with different quality of units. Mine is the old fashion, expensive kind.

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Where are you located? We are up North. Our yearly A/C bill is 0. As I write this, it’s 40 degrees out and the heat is on. We have to wait until May 5–10 to avoid frost.

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Sorry I forgot to mention where we live! South Mississippi, and would be running 2 A/C units simultaneously.

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Contact your energy provider and find out if they have an inhome service consultant. Our company sends out a consultant to tell you how much your service will cost, and give tips on how to save money.

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I made some assumptions for electricity cost, the build date for your house and used temperature data for Biloxi KBIX station. I assumed your house was built in 2005 and you try to keep it at 70 all day and night.
Here are your cooling bills by month, starting in April 09 in dollars. 104, 322, 614, 730, 606, 472, 174, 24, 6, 2, 2, 34. These are values for just cooling. You will have to add a flat amount for other utilities: water, refrigeator, TV etc.
Now you have to give me Lurve for every month I am within 10%.
How about if I ship some of our cold to you? There was frost on the grass this morning.

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@lupin I will! And I wish you could! Thanks for your answer so much!!

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