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Women: I am going to a metal concert, what should I wear?

Asked by jessicar (225points) April 29th, 2009

I am in my late 20’s and am going to a metal concert. I don’t usually even listen to metal so I have no idea what to wear to a metal concert. Anyone have any ideas?

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Don’t wear a skirt, I learned the hard way ): I’d say jeans and a tee shirt

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Out of curiosity, who are you seeing? NINJA is touring my area in a few weeks and I’m probably going to make the effort to go see them.

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I’d say whatever you’re comfortable in. No need to get dolled up.

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Jeans, Sneakers, Tee.

Perfect wear for the pit. Or at least thats what i see girls wearing when i go.

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It’s a metal concert? Shouldn’t you dress in tin—or copper, or something?

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Wear something thats comfortable (no skirts though) and that you dont care about a whole lot as theres a possibility it could get ruined.

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1.) No heels, no flip flops, and skirts + boots works but I would not suggest skirts…I have a sob story related to each of those clothing items and why you should not wear them to a concert again. :) Sturdy shoes, boots are better.

2.) Don’t bring a purse. Don’t put your wallet or keys in an area that can easily be stolen—- best bet: a wrist pocket like this for ID, a little bit of cash, and 1–2 keys. I wear mine around my wrist or sometimes around my ankle under my sock. If you end up in the bit or roughed up by a crowd, a person could easily pick your pocket without you knowing. Putting valuables in your bra is not fail-safe either. It’s pretty unlikely that someone will pick THAT pocket, but stuff will fall out.

3.) Something that washes easily, that you don’t mind smelling like smoke, sweat, or fireworks. :) Dark colors that hide stains are a plus.

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Definitely shoes that are comfortable and durable, especially if you’ll be in the pit. I would do jeans and a t-shirt or tank top. Wear something that you won’t care if beer is spilled on you… especially if you’re in the pit, again. Put your cash and your ID in your pocket, preferably the front one.

I just realized I’m parroting @3or4monsters, but oh well…

Most of all, don’t try to look “cute”. It’s a metal concert. It’s not about looking cute. Go for comfort and durability.

Who are you going to see by the way?

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“Don’t Try to look cute, it’s a metal concert…Go for comfort and durability”

that’s pretty much all you need to know.

jeans and a Tee, some chucks and eyeliner is plenty sexy for a metal concert.

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@3or4monsters You sound like a pro.

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@benjaminlevi the learning curve attending Korn/Disturbed/RATM shows is a steep one. Damn, it’s been years though. Now I listen to Jack Johnson and take naps on the grass at shows, when I can actually afford them. Did you know a bag of popcorn or cotton candy can make a great pillow? What have I become?


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<—- wishes he got to go see RATM

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I can almost guarantee if you get all dolled up you will get groped a lot. There will be acres of drunks and people on drugs.

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